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Chargent Payment Processing - Credit Card Payments, ACH, Recurring Billing

Starting at $3,000 USD per Salesforce Org per year Sites Edition is $3000 and includes up to 20 users, Platform Edition is $6000 and includes up to 40 users. Additional users are $150/user/year. No setup fee or transaction fees!

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Payment Processing
Top Rated payments app on the AppExchange, 2008 - 2019 and beyond

* Support for 30+ Payment Gateways (list below)##* Real-time or scheduled credit card, ACH / direct debit payments##* Payment Request links for online payments##* Works with Salesforce CPQ, Communities##* To learn more, click [ Watch Demo ] button below

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Cancel what you have now and use this...

If you really care about having 100% control over your billing, recurring billing, reporting, automation, etc., why are you still using Stripe or Recurly or anything else? You have Salesforce - don't waste your time with amateur applications for your business that "plug in" to Salesforce and give you limited functionality. Use this 100% native application.####This is the second Chargent deployment I've implemented - and I will never set up another SFDC based company that needs recurring - or even 1 time billing with ANY other app again. Simple, easy, great customer support. The price is right - and guess what, it does exactly what it says it will do.. seems to be rare in today's high-tech world or even on the app exchange.

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Top Critical Review

Great for Manual Payments, So So for Automated Payments

If you want to semi-manually charge customers by credit card, Chargent has done a pretty good job of integrating with a bunch of payment gateways and making the process usable.####Where we hit issues was with recurring monthly or yearly payments. There is no built-in mechanism to automatically trigger a charge on an already entered card via a workflow rule. This seemed very odd to me, but that's the way the system was designed. We had to build out our own solution by adding Apex triggers on top of their solution. In the end it worked (and is still working today), but it is fussy and overly complicated. Sometimes I wish I had just integrated with our payment processor's API directly.####If you are using multiple payment processors, then Chargent will probably be handy, because it essentially abstracts their various behaviors away and hides them behind its own native custom objects so that you can handle them all in the same way. But if (like us) you are only using a single payment processor, then Chargent basically makes your life more difficult because it adds an extra layer of abstraction between you and your provider's API. And that layer of abstraction doesn't necessarily support all of the underlying features of your payment provider's API.####What I will say is that their support is excellent and very responsive. And the team is made up of nice people who are great to work with.

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David Hecht
Nov 08, 2018 at 2:10 PM

Thank you for your detailed feedback Hank. Sorry to hear about the issues with Apex triggers. It sounds like your use case for automatically triggering charges was not related to any specific dates or time periods, and so required custom triggers? We do have a recurring batch for handling scheduled payments of course.

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Amazing technology, Extremely overpriced

I love their youtube video and the technology behind their product. ####But their pricing is un-real, they want 150 per user. With no partial seats for low usage. This would cost an organization like mine, which collects 6 payments a month per user, over 1,000.00 per month. Who pays 1,000.00 per month for processing and salesforce integration.####The number of employee hours saved from the integration would cost more than just paying the hourly employees even processing over 900 transactions per month. They need partial pricing for the larger small business but this is the case, for multiple companies out there. ####They do not support a picture check deposit. I was even willing to give them a contact, that has the technology, to help them out but their sales team will not even talk about partial pricing.

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Robust Order Processing

Chargent has been an integral part of our order processing and has been a solid product for our needs. Further, the team is solutions based and has spent significant time working with us on our needs and how they can support. Great product and great team.

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Never leave Salesforce again!

I am so stoked for our teams to be able to have the ease of utilizing one platform for all their needs! Chargent makes it incredibly easy to manage every aspect of recurring billing. We've needed help through our setup and communities integration, and their support has been extremely responsive and understanding of our urgency. I've really enjoyed our experience thus far and believe this is a great product!

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Chargent is the way to go!

Working in the Accounting Office with the new technology we have implemented over the last year has been a challenge to say the least. Brett Hollis our Sales rep has been there with us from the beginning, highly knowledgeable and patient. Brett is the first person we contacted as we begin our new business venture. We have tons of confidence in Chargent and Brett. The Chargent tech team we have tapped are easy to reach and have a complete understanding of our challenges. Stacey Faris and Robert Ruelas are true problem solvers, from implementation to reporting. If you are looking for a payment solution that can be customized with plenty of options Chargent is the answer!

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Love this product and the support

We just recently implemented this product for our org it was our first time and the process of testing and installation went smooth. Loving this product and thank you support team for assisting in implementing this product successfully.

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Thank you so much Stacy Faris for your help! You are a Superstar! ##Thanks for being so knowledgeable in your product and able to resolve my issue quickly!

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Great System for CC Charges

We've just started using Chargent and Salesforce this past month. We've found Chargent to be easy to use, helpful in retaining credit cards on file securely and the staff is very responsive. All of the items we wanted to use Chargent for we've been able to execute with very little transition. Only wish it was a little more affordable to have the highest level package. Overall, excellent experience with the software and team!

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Robust system, amazing flexibility, great customer service

We use Chargent in our SF Enterprise org. It's a pretty powerful tool with lots of customizability.##You can integrate with pretty much any gateway.##Customer support is quick to respond as well and very knowledgeable. And is also willing to do a screenshare to walk you through any issues you might have.####There are a couple of suggested enhancements:##1. There is no address validation built-in. For example, on the Payment Request page, if I want to update the Billing Address, it'd be great if there was auto-fill-in options of the address fields, based on say Google Address.##2. The Payment Request page is also not fully customizable. For example, we wanted to remove the email field from the page, so customers don't change their email because we use email as the key field to lookup customers. But unfortunately it's not possible to do so at this time. We of course do not update the email address on the Contact record even if a customer updates their email address here but then that leads to confusion/frustration if they don't check in with us reg why.####But these are minor tweaks that can easily be fixed, and Chargent support are receptive to such feedback, which is always the hallmark of a great company.

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The Chargent Support team is AWESOME!

I've configured Chargent in Salesforce multiple times, as well as using it in Form Assembly. ####It's a great payment processing tool! The support team over at Chargent is very responsive, and they make sure to do their best at resolving any issues I have. Each time I contact them I get fast, friendly service. I would definitely recommend using Chargent!

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Great Service & Top Notch Support

We've been using Chargent to integrate and our Payment Gateway for almost 3 years. It is stable and dependable. It's especially important to note when I faced a problem caused by a change to other parts or our org, they were amazingly responsive in assisting to solve the problem. With each phone call for help, I spoke to a live and engaged person who helped, coordinated with peers in realtime and followed up to confirm the solution and my satisfaction. They are great!

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