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Chargent Payment Processing - Credit Card Payments, ACH, Recurring Billing

Starting at $3,000 USD per Salesforce Org per year Sites Edition is $3000 and includes up to 20 users, Platform Edition is $6000 and includes up to 40 users. Additional users are $150/user/year. No setup fee or transaction fees!

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Payment Processing
Top Rated payments app on the AppExchange, 2008 - 2019 and beyond

* Support for 30+ Payment Gateways (list below)##* Real-time or scheduled credit card, ACH / direct debit payments##* Payment Request links for online payments##* Works with Salesforce CPQ, Communities##* To learn more, click [ Watch Demo ] button below

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Cancel what you have now and use this...

If you really care about having 100% control over your billing, recurring billing, reporting, automation, etc., why are you still using Stripe or Recurly or anything else? You have Salesforce - don't waste your time with amateur applications for your business that "plug in" to Salesforce and give you limited functionality. Use this 100% native application.####This is the second Chargent deployment I've implemented - and I will never set up another SFDC based company that needs recurring - or even 1 time billing with ANY other app again. Simple, easy, great customer support. The price is right - and guess what, it does exactly what it says it will do.. seems to be rare in today's high-tech world or even on the app exchange.

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Top Critical Review

Amazing technology, Extremely overpriced

I love their youtube video and the technology behind their product. ####But their pricing is un-real, they want 150 per user. With no partial seats for low usage. This would cost an organization like mine, which collects 6 payments a month per user, over 1,000.00 per month. Who pays 1,000.00 per month for processing and salesforce integration.####The number of employee hours saved from the integration would cost more than just paying the hourly employees even processing over 900 transactions per month. They need partial pricing for the larger small business but this is the case, for multiple companies out there. ####They do not support a picture check deposit. I was even willing to give them a contact, that has the technology, to help them out but their sales team will not even talk about partial pricing.

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Micaiah Filkins
Aug 27, 2019 at 7:42 PM

Hey Justin- Thank you for your candor, in a world where most people tend to hide behind euphemisms, it is quite refreshing. A huge sincere thank you for your love of our YouTube channel. The team has worked very hard on that content. We hope you found the videos valuable and educational. Thank you a 3rd time for the love of our tech. The product and engineering teams here at Chargent work tirelessly, day in and day out, and were flattered to see this kind hearted compliment.####As for our pricing, we do have a plan that starts at just $250/mo (Billed annually at $3000/year). If we failed to make that connection while on the phone with you, please accept my apology. We call it our Sites Edition, it works really well if you want to take payments on your website or have someone click a link in an invoice. We don’t have “partial” pricing, we don’t require that all your Salesforce users are Chargent users. However, we certainly invite that!####We do also support check processing through the ACH system, here in the States. Not taking a photo or scanning, but entering the check details for an online ACH transaction is no problem with Chargent. It is a confusing part of the payments world, though. Perhaps we should make a video of that.####-Micaiah Filkins, Co-Founder, President Sales & Product

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Absolutely Fantastic!

This product is excellent and so are the whole team at Chargent. I have had nothing but great service and functionality since we started using their product. If you're undecided on a solution right now, you can stop worrying. You've found your Answer!

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Great Service and Support

I've really enjoyed using Chargent and the features it enables and allows. My account representative, Stacey, is always quick to respond and help with any questions I have or offer assistance when I need it. Chargent integrates easily with Salesforce workflows and allows for ease of use. I recommend this service

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Great Service

These folks do a great job, have excellent knowledge, and care about their customers. Truly appreciate their authentic service.

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It just works.

We use Chargent for all of our state registration transactions at DIR and it works very well without worry. Would recommend to anybody.##A++

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Chargent is the way to go for payment processing...

We have used Chargent for our payment processing needs. We like that it is integrated with the Salesforce platform.

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David Rosales
Nov 20, 2019 at 4:04 PM

I agree this works well with what we're trying to accomplish.

Best Salesforce App I have Ever Used

Simply put, Chargent payment processing with Salesforce has been fantastic. I run hundreds of transactions a day, and after trying some other available apps, this was a life-saver. Their support team was great in assisting us with set-up and have always been responsive if I had any other needs. Recommend highly to any size business,.

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Great for Compliance and Excellent Customer Service

Chargent has been vital for capturing and charging payments in Salesforce for our company. Our sales reps use the Payment Request feature for the client to enter their credit card information. Great for PCI compliance. We have the majority of our accounts using it and are working to get them on recurring payments. The customer support is incredibly responsive and helpful. I can always count on the team to help out with any questions.

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Best payment application and customer support

Since 2001 I have been implementing Salesforce for hundreds of clients. In my opinion, Chargent is the most robust payments applications on the AppExchange. It is easy to install and use right away. It is also easy to customize an implementation when my clients request additional custom development to support taking payments in Salesforce. Next to being a great product, their customer support is hands down the best. When my customers want to take payments in Salesforce, I always recommend Chargent.

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Tireless Support

We recently had many problems connecting the Chargent App to our Bank. The Support was incredible Chadd was an absolute hero who just kept digging until the problem was found. (which was nothing to do with Chargent I might add).##Since all is sorted the transactions are going through speedily and it is so so easy to create a transaction too. I wholeheartedly recommend both the App and the support we have had too.##Thanks Chargent

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Easy install - quick customer service

Very easy to install and get running. Easy for users and to for admins.####We had one spot of confusion during our initial sandbox testing that support was quick to respond to and got us on our way.

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