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Provides a dialog for looking up NAICS / SIC and auto-mapping to industries

Quickly and easily search for NAICS / SIC / iSIC, select one and then watch as the Industry auto-completes. Remove ambiguity in industry selection and segment your accounts correctly.####Supplied pre-populated with mappings to standard SFDC industries.

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Great Solution for out of the box Industry Classification

The app provided just the solution we needed to start accurately classifying the many companies in our Salesforce Instance. We tried doing this internally and could have saved many months of headache if we had discovered the app early.####You have the choice to choose between SIC code (default), NAICS code and one other. Initial installation is easy, however, since we use the NAICS code internally, I did have to spend some time in additional configuration. ####Overall, once you have figured out which codes you want and how you want them installed, IndustryComplete is the best resource out there for standardized industry coding. Best part is that not only is it free - but customer support is very helpful and responsive, too. I highly recommend.

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Mar 11, 2016 at 3:35 AM

Is it really Free? I saw Trial period of 2 weeks and a limit of 200 Users. But it's stated everywhere (public offer) that it's free and no info about the price. Please explain.

Zachary Martineau
Mar 17, 2017 at 10:26 AM

Hello People of the future, in response to Integration admin, I contacted their support. The license that comes up in your system is legacy, and the product is free forever.