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PhoneTools – GDPR TPS/CTPS Screening

Starting at £100 GBP per company per month TPS/CTPS screening starts at £1,200/Year per Org Click to Dial Pricing: First User: $10 USD/month Subsequent Users: $5 USD/month Contact for more information.

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TPS & CTPS screening for Salesforce

Ensure GDPR and PECR compliance with our TPS and CTPS phone screening feature. Automated and manual screening for all configured phone fields.

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This is a simple easy productivity tool

We love Phonetools. For us, it provides one very simple help. When, in an account, lead, or contact, simply click on phonetools, and your cell phone is connected to that account, lead, or contact. No dialing numbers. No looking up contacts somewhere else. No misdialling numbers. No dialing wrong contacts. Just very easy. We combined it with great Jabra headsets to set up our sales team to greater efficiency. ####In the future, we'll utilize more of what they can offer, but even at the current limited use, this is a great worthwhile product. ####We had a couple issues with setup, that were unique to us, but Provenworks walked us through all the hiccoughs fairly easily and very timely. ####It's a simple product that provides a simple service that is used by each user several times daily. ####Thanks Provenworks!

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