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Confident Governance - GRC Security Risk Governance

Starting at $35 USD per user per month Volume Discounts available. Minimum 5 user package.

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IT Management
Governance as a Service® Security Risk Compliance Audit platform

ConfidentG platform leverages cutting edge Industry Best Practices Powered by Artificial Intelligence for Security, Governance,Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk, Compliance, Policy Management, Contract Life Cycle Management and Agile Project Management.

  • INTERNAL AUDIT AUTOMATION: ##Agile Audit is an application to Measure and Improve your Audit life-cycle covering all the phases in dynamic Environment with Agility, Transparency, Integrated Risk mapping, Collaboration and full Board reporting
  • ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT:##Complemented with Geo-spatial mapping, AI powered Wave Analytics & Risk Severity Analysis, this application aids in viewing Risks across multiple dimensions & various Frameworks. Prioritize & Mitigate Risks for Successful ERM
  • COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT:##It enables multi-dimensional Regulatory Compliance using Rich Rules which cover Cyber Security & NIST Standards. Track modifications made in Rules module and design your own Workflow Mechanism including linkages with Agile Audit
Here are ConfidentG Governance as a Service modules to provide world-class GRC Solutions##• AGILE COMPLIANCE - For Dynamic Compliance Management####• AGILE GDPR COMPLIANCE – To be Compliant with GDPR####• AGILE AUDIT MANAGEMENT – For Audit Management at the speed of Light. Walkthrough object to track Controls tested in Audit Cycle####• AGILE SURVEY – For implementing Surveys to drive Efficiency & Good Governance. The module has robust collaboration features for posting Surveys & E-mail Alerts ####• AGILE RISK MANAGEMENT – For Enterprise wide Risk Management to keep pace with the Dynamic Business environment ####• AGILE RULES – World-class Rules and Controls Engine to tackle any Compliance ####• AGILE IT GOVERNANCE – For executing world-class Organizational Governance ####• AGILE POLICY - For Formulating & Implementing Policies at different hierarchy levels####• AGILE FRAMEWORK - For comprehensive & integrated representation of Risks, Rules, Regulations, Policies & Governance####• GOVERNANCE REQUEST FORM - For minimizing time incurred by Tech Support team####• AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT – For effective Tracking & Governing of all Projects


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Other System Requirements
The ConfidentG platform applications are independent of your CRM applications thus they do consume any of your CRM licenses and edition limitation. You would be provisioned new org based on your selection of ConfidentG Professional or Enterprise Edition.

Support Rapid Deploy and Custom Support options available for each unique customer situation. Our implementation teams are global experts in delivering Security, Risk and Governance programs in your Cloud to the highest levels to pass any audit.

Additional Information

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MAY15-Release1 / 4.0.0
First Release
Latest Release
Confident Governance / EnCrisp
Reston, VA 20176
+1-(703) 424-7615

GEW 50 Award Winning Company Confident Governance® is the first “native” purpose built Enterprise Cloud Governance Company delivering patent pending innovative Cloud Security, Governance, Risk management and Compliance product portfolio on the world’s largest Cloud Computing platform It’s industry leading products make Governance and Risk Management Powerful as well as affordable for Organizations of all sizes enabling them to not only focus on Governance from within, but also from universal external shifts in Risks, using Social Media and Geo-spatial location based information. Using ConfidentG applications you can infuse Transparency and Trust amongst your Executives and Stakeholders without Technical complexity. Additionally, you do not have to worry about buying hardware and software. Every aspect of Confident Governance products is designed to make it easier for Businesses to implement an effective Governance, Risk and Security Compliance System to provide Transparency with easiest non-technical operation enabling “Confidence” in Governance.