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SimpleImport Premium – Data Loader with Support for Communities Imports

Starting at $810 USD per Org per year Pricing starts at $810 USD/year for the first user, $410/year for subsequent users. Volume discounts and Communities pricing available. Contact for a quote. Communities implementation and volume pricing available on request.

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Import spreadsheets into any object using just your browser!

SimpleImport is your cloud-based, user-friendly spreadsheet data loader solution. You and your users can import Excel data into any object easily and safely through a simple interface, with customizable field mapping, all from within Salesforce.

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Takes a little time to configure initially, but beats Dataloader!

It takes a little exploration to uncover and learn to use all of the features in this product, but the user interface is better than Dataloader, and the other great thing is that it's hosted as an App in the cloud on your Salesforce instance, so no need to use and authenticate a local client every time you want to execute a data load!####Other great features of this product that make it superior to Salesforce Dataloader are the ability to restrict permissions for users. For example, you can allow users to use the application, but can restrict their use to certain objects. This helps mitigate the risk of letting non-admins leverage a bulk data loading tool.####Additionally (and again it takes a little bit of setup), there is a neat "Curated Import" feature which allows you to pre-define mappings and tie them to custom buttons. So users can simply click the button, upload their file (in the format you have specified for them) and it becomes a drag-and-drop operation! We actually used this feature to pre-map bulk edits for Opportunity Products (line items); some may be familiar with the fact that Opportunity Products are a cross between 3 objects: Opportunities, Pricebooks, and Products. Setting up the Curated Import and having the pre-mapped templates ready makes it easier for admins to quickly process bulk edits to this object.####Finally, and perhaps the most critical feature for us, is the ability to rollback uploads. In Dataloader, I always archive the upload files and success/error files so if there is an issue the upload file can be reverse engineered to undo the edits. In SimpleImport Premium, this is reduced to a single click to Undo the upload. This feature provides a lot of peace of mind for admins and has (along with restricting permissions) allowed us to roll out bulk dataloading for a few of our users who must regularly create or make updates to hundreds of line items for their Accounts.####Overall, I would highly recommend this Dataloader product!

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