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Quick search for metadata components

Quick search Audit Trials, Approval & Business Processes, Layouts, Flows, Workflows, Validations, Fields, Objects, Reports, Dashboards, Custom Settings, Apps, Roles, Profiles, Groups, Queues, Sites, RecordTypes, Links, Classes, Triggers, Pages etc.

Review by Satya R View All Reviews

Excellent App..very useful for lightning migration

We are migrating our org from classic to lightning where we need to convert many buttons and links many of which are difficult to search as they are specific to page layouts. This app made our job job simple and we could easily search the metadata to work in conjunction with Lightning readiness report. Thanks team Satrang for an awesome app.

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Chirag Mehta
Oct 03, 2018 at 12:46 AM

Satya, thank you for sharing your experience and review of the Metadata Search app! Happy to hear that this app helped you with lightning migration. As always, keep loving this app.