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Booker25 - The booking calendar for scheduling all your reservations

Starting at €19 EUR per user per month Booker25 can be used with existing Salesforce Sales/Service Cloud licenses. Already have Salesforce licenses? Booker25 user: 19€/user/month. New to Salesforce? Booker25 Admin: 79€/Admin/month, Booker25 User: 29€/user/month

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For scheduling and managing your reservations & bookings in seconds.

Schedule bookings for retail, hospitality, education, real estate, and any other industry. Whether you wish to take reservations for rooms, boats, meeting rooms, appointments, or anything else, Booker25 is customizable to support your business needs.

  • Customer facing bookings##Allow your customers to book appointments with you straight from your website. The Booker25 customer booking form can be embedded on your website out of the box, and provides a friendly appointment booking experience
  • Calendar View##Manage all your reservations in one easy to use calendar that can be adapted to your needs. Your employees and customers can book reservations in seconds, Booker25 will check automatically which resource is available.
  • Completely Customizable ##When setting up your Booker25 environment you have complete control over how to organize your bookable items. Booker25 supports internal use (scheduling meeting rooms) as well as commercial use (renting out hotel rooms).
Booker25 is a native Salesforce application that lets you schedule and manage any kind of resource. From small to enterprise businesses, Booker25 supports internal use (such as meeting room scheduling for your employees) as well as commercial use (renting out bungalows or customers booking time slots). ####The flexibility of Booker25 ensures we grow as your business grows, allowing you to keep adding an unlimited amount of bookable items.####The calendar view provides you with an instant overview of availability and occupancy, including the information about the contact on that booking. ####Pricing:##Booker25 can be used with existing Salesforce Sales/Service Cloud licenses. Already have those? Then you only need a Booker25 license from us, these are 19€/user/month.####New to Salesforce? We can provide Booker25 licenses which include a Salesforce license! You will need at least one Booker25 Admin license (79€/Admin/month). For each Booker25 Admin, you can purchase up to 50 Booker25 Users (29€/user/month). More Users are available when purchasing extra Admin licenses.####Community licenses are available at 0.99€/user/month.####For more information and pricing, see


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  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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Additional Information

Package Name
2018/08/03 / 3.103.0
First Release
Latest Release
Gen25 - Next generation Salesforce partner
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 7508350

We are Gen25, Your Next Generation Salesforce Partner. Gijs Martens, CEO and experienced entrepreneur, heads up a team of talented and enthusiastic programmers and consultants located in the UN Studio Building (Gustav Mahlerlaan 350-B) at Amsterdam-Zuidas business district. We are a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, Gold ISV Partner and Platinum Heroku Enterprise Partner, a unique combination in Europe. We have a proven track record in implementing Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, App Cloud and Community Cloud and have developed several Salesforce native applications such as Booker25, Checkin25 and more. We deliver consultancy services to many companies from all market segments in which an advanced IT environment is crucial going forward.

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