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Clean Your Room! Dashboard




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Inspire your Sales Team with a weekly pipeline "housekeeping" dashboard

Playing on the competitive nature of salespeople, this is one leaderboard that your reps will NOT want to be listed on.####Displays deals that have been "pushed" multiple times, deals without recent activity and deals missing key data.

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Clean Your Room
  • Opportunity Cleanup
Inspire your Sales Team with a weekly pipeline "housekeeping" dashboard. Playing on the competitive nature of salespeople, this is one leaderboard that your reps will NOT want to be listed on.####Uses a push counter trigger to determine how many times an opportunity has been pushed forward to close in a different month. Details opportunities tat are set to close in the current month, however have not had any recent activity as well as account with no activity at all. Finally, lists Opportunities that are missing key data elements, such as Next Steps, Products and Partners.####Fully customizable to support your unique needs.


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Other System Requirements
Package contains 9 reports, 1 dashboard, 1 custom field, 1 trigger and its associated test class.

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Package Name
Clean Your Room
Winter 2014 / 1.0.0
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