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Negotiation, Assortment and Promotion for Retail and CPG

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Profit Optimization, Contract and condition management, Promotion strategy

negOptim enables retailers and CPG to manage Negotiation, Events and Assortment strategy, optimize Perf & Profit, perform Contract cycle, execute Deals & collect Rebates & Fees. negOptim provides futher functions as Diganosis, Control, nego360 overview.

  • The negotiation process is becoming complex. Several actors and businesses are involved. Sales or purchasing, legal department, buyer, finance and accounting. With the arrival of new channels (web, mobile,..), negotiation is in a continuos evolution.
  • In order to optimize these negotiations and make them more profitable and reliable, our apps support business organizations during all stages of the negotiations:##During the preparation: define, prepare and simulate different nego scenario.
  • During the negotiation: Simulate and calculate the immediat impact on the 3, 4 and 5net. Follow up the negotiation progress. A complete validation cycle.##After the negociation: the complete management of the contract and all the accounting related.
my nego: Define your Client / Partner & their key follow indicators. Specify your Negotiation scope. Define your Business tree and Clustering. Download & connect Assortment & Price offer##my Strategy: Review Category & Nego lines performance and risk, Define New negotiation Structure, Steps & Timeline (structure, step and timing), Specify the Give & Back – Transfer – Compensation models##myNego: Prepare your Deals, Give & Back, and What if scenario, Run the Nego, Develop, evaluate & validate opportunity, Edit & sign Contracts, Organize automatic sharing data, Manage your Commercial Plan & Partners Contributions, Analyze & follow Margin, Price impacts & Target to reach, ##my Promo: Manage all the promotion plan. Objective vs realization. Supplier participation##my Offer: Manage the assortment at the customers, Product positionning dashboard at different level (store, store clusters, national, etc..)##my Cash: Calculation of the Provisions, Edit invoices or Match with customer invoices, Cash flow summary. Accounting summary.


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Package Name
Negoptim Package
Spring 2016 / 1.6.0
First Release
Latest Release
Users Love iT
Paris, France

Users Love iT is spesialized in delivring decisional Apps for the Retail and the CPG market.##Our main Apps, negOptim, manage ## 1- The full negotiation process (preparation, simulation, contractualisation and ## execution)## 2- The Promo Plan (definition adn mangement of the yearly promotion plan with ## its budget)## 3- Assortment: Management of the products assortment from the national up to ## the store level##Our main customers are:## In France: Monoprix (Part of Casino Group). We manage all the negotiation ## process for Monoprix. All invoincing and accounting for the conditions are ## done in the negOptim Apps.##I## International: MAF (Carrefour MEA). The application manage all the negotiation ## process in their 16 countries