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Data. Just. Right. - Premium Data Quality for Salesforce

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Data Quality, Data Cleansing, International Address Validation, Real-Time

Best of Breed for international address checks, we ensure permanently high quality data in your sales cloud. Data. Just. Right. detects incorrect addresses at data entry and automatically provides correction suggestions.##FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE (30 days)!

  • Validation, standardization and correction of all stored contact addresses immediately during input - No additional “click” needed
  • Input of an ambiguous address are returned with an automatically created selection list of possible address candidates
  • Enrichment of additional address elements, region, sub town etc.
A top CRM system is driven by the data in it. Salesforce provides a wide range of first-class functions. Dashboards, automatic workflows, sales automation. All are of little use when the data needed for your processes is not correct. As the European market leader for customer data management, we provide you with the highest data quality for your customer and business partner data.####Data. Just. Right. offers the following functions: ####- International postal address check and validation##- User interface in both English & German##- Entering or changing a contact / account / lead automatically triggers the Data cleansing functions. no configuration needed.##- Autocompletion, fewer typos due to automatic address selection and completion##- Lightning ready & easy to integrate####With over 45 years of experience - We are continually developing and distributing data quality software solutions for the highest demands. Thousands of customers worldwide choose our data quality solutions to improve their business activities, be it financial processing, customer relationships or global corporate efficiency. Simply ensuring your Data is Data. Just. Right.


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Data. Just. Right. / 1.13.0
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