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Manual record sharing in Lightning Experience

Remember how Classic had a "Sharing" button that lets you share records with users and groups, or view/modify existing shares? ####Bring that to Lightning!

  • Contains a Lightning Component that lets you add a Sharing action onto any record detail page.
  • Clicking the button takes you to a tabbed view of existing sharing (tab 1) or the option to create new shares to users or groups.
  • Enforces sharing security--the record owner or admin can adjust sharing.
No code required to enable manual record sharing in Lightning Experience. Simply add a component action to an object's record page, and you'll have an easy button for managing sharing.####Clicking the button takes you to an intuitive place to view, create or modify sharing. And this page respects user permissions, meaning only admins and record owners can share their record, or modify who it's currently shared with.####Source code is here:


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Summer18 / 1.9.0
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