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Einstein Analytics Essentials

Have Einstein Analytics Licenses? Then you can use this free app to:##-Build insightful dashboards for Einstein Analytics in seconds (In-App Purchase Required)##-Backup Einstein Analytics Dashboards nightly for free

  • Implement Einstein Analytics in Minutes:##Learning and customizing Einstein Analytics can be time consuming, even for an expert. Build your dataflows and dashboards within minutes (not weeks) using clicks, not code.
  • There are free items in this app we can't even put a price tag on. Some dashboard templates are free and dashboard backups are free as well.
  • Backup Einstein Analytics Dashboards Nightly for Free:##Never lose your dashboards due to an accidental delete or accidental modification again! Backup all of your dashboards from Einstein Analytics every night.
Touch Analytics implements Salesforce Einstein Analytics within minutes. You can use Touch Analytics to:####BUILD DASHBOARDS (In-App Purchase Required)####INSIGHTS - Find insights in your data you never thought possible within minutes by using a single dataset from Einstein Analytics to create your dashboard. ####COMMAND - Create an Overview Dashboard with 3 Drill-in Dashboards that combine up to 15 different Einstein Analytics datasets. All with a few clicks. This is the most powerful template we offer.####COMPARE - Use a snapshot dataset from Analytics Studio to quickly build a dashboard that will trend a number of metrics over a number of dimensions within a few minutes.####CONTRAST - Use this template to determine where your current 'Actuals' lines up with your business 'Targets'. ######BUILD DATAFLOWS (Beta)####Build your dataflow based on the reports you have within Salesforce following the data model of the report type selected and choosing the fields within the report. ########BACKUP DASHBOARDS####Never lose your dashboards due to an accidental delete or accidental modification. Use Touch Analytics to backup your Einstein Analytics dashboards every night.


  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits

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Other System Requirements
You must have Salesforce Analytics Cloud enabled in your environment and must have at least 1 Dataset created.

Support Please feel free to send us an email or give us a call for any support needs. We respond within 48 hours of inquiry.

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Touch Analytics
Touch Analytics / 1.77.0
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