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ScreenMeet co-browse and remote takeover

Starting at $39 USD per user per month We charge our customers a per-agent or per-device subscription fee on an annual or monthly basis. New users / organizations start with a 30 day free trial.

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Instantly cobrowse and control your end-users' Browser, Desktop or Mobile

Quickly and easily resolve any technical support issues from inside of a case or chat. ScreenMeet lets you see the customer's browser, application or device in real-time and remote control on PC, Mac or Mobile. All session data is logged in the case.

  • Works for all end-user applications and platforms including Web-only, PC, MAC, Android and iOS. Simple and intuitive interface means co-browsing, screen sharing and remote takeover can be now be used by B2C as well as B2B companies.
  • Seamless and native integration in Salesforce. ScreenMeet is web-based for the Agent so it's easy from a Case or Chat to start a session, see the browser session or remote device in real-time, use a laser pointer or remote control to fix the issue.
  • Integrated logging. All session data is logged back to the Case for auditing and analytics. If recording is enabled, a link to the recording is also written back to the case. All files transferred and events are written to the Case as well.
ScreenMeet is modern and easy to use cobrowse and remote takeover software that works in the browser for the Agent. Designed for the CRM Support Agent as well as the ITSM Help Desk, ScreenMeet saves you time, increases CSAT and NPS. Instantly co-browse, screen share and remote control any web-session and any device from inside your Service Cloud instance. Mobile SDK's for screen sharing and video streaming are also available if you are looking for an SOS type of solution.####ScreenMeet is in use by leading Phone and PC manufacturers, SaaS and Web Application Co's and Mobile App companies for the CRM help desk.####For ITSM professionals, ScreenMeet is being used across a number of vertical industries including healthcare, hospitality, high tech and transportation.####Fully secure and reliable, give ScreenMeet a try today and start solving customer issues faster and easier.


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  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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June 2018 / 1.3.0
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