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InsideView Append for Salesforce

$15 USD per user per month Requires all CRM seats.



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Append and enrich Salesforce account records with constantly refreshed data

Prospect and customer data changes at a rate of about 70% per year. Automatically enrich your data with InsideView’s continuously refreshed Targeting Intelligence - from the modern global B2B data platform. 40K+ sources. Validated by data science.

  • The modern global B2B data platform- the only platform to deliver data, insights, and connections. Uses artificial intelligence and data science to continuously gather and validate data from 40K+ sources.
  • The data you need, without clutter. InsideView’s data is created for sales and marketing, not credit risk assessment. We weed out millions of irrelevant businesses and contacts, unlike some providers, so you can focus on those with purchasing power.
  • Proven with Salesforce: 1,000+ Salesforce customers. Salesforce-integrated marketing, sales, and data cleansing solutions - use the same data across your lead-to-revenue cycle. In first “class” of AppExchange companies; integrated since 2007.
With B2B data changing constantly, if you’re not keeping your Salesforce data up-to-date, you’re wasting time and precious resources chasing leads that won’t go anywhere. ####Get InsideView Append to enrich your account records natively within Salesforce, so you can better identify ideal targets and engage with greater precision and relevance. Add or update more than 30 data points, including demographics, firmographics, industry codes, and family tree information. No more manual research or data entry. ####Then expand your target market using InsideView Append with Prospecting, which brings the power of InsideView’s global database into Salesforce, so you can find net new prospects that match your ideal customer profile. ####“The scope and quality of InsideView’s data is unmatched in any similar solution we’ve found.”##– Amanda Cash-Crowley, Marketing Technology Manager, Balihoo####“InsideView provides us with complete and correct information right within our CRM. We looked at many other data providers, and InsideView is the exact solution that we’d been searching for.”##– Caroline Proctor, Chief Marketing Officer, JustEnough


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  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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InsideView Lightning Data
InsideView Lightning Data / 1.0.0
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San Francisco, CA
415 728 9340

InsideView powers the world’s business conversations, helping more than 20,000 companies redefine their go-to-market strategies from a volume-based to more targeted approach. Its leading Targeting Intelligence platform helps sales and marketing teams quickly identify and qualify the best targets, engage with more relevancy, close more deals, and retain and expand accounts. InsideView is the only company that begins with the industry’s most reliable company and contact data and enhances it with relevant, real-time business insights and authentic connections. InsideView’s headquarters are in San Francisco. For more information, visit InsideView at, twitter, or read the InsideView blog.