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Pendula | SMS, Email, Print/Post, Instant Messenger, Fax

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Pendula (formerly Zipline) builds customer loyalty through engagement by enabling two-way communications via SMS, email, instant social messaging, fax and post. Inbound communications then trigger automated actions or contextual responses.

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. ##--##Pendula leverages existing platforms and channels to ensure customers both see and action your messages. We support two-way communication across SMS, Email, Instant Social Messenging & Fax. Post is outbound only.
  • Get your backend systems working for you.##--##Organisations have invested heavily in backend systems to store and manage customer data. Pendula’s Natural Language Processing algorithm analyses, classifies and actions inbound customer communications.
  • Meet and exceed expectations.##--##Your customers expect you to be available, all the time, on the channel of their choice. Pendula enables you to automatically respond to your customers on platforms they use consistently to help drive actionability.
The three fundamental components of a Customer Dialogue Management (CDM) solution are:####Outbound - Messages can be sent via any channel directly from Salesforce.##Capture - Inbound capture of messages from any channel directly into Salesforce.##Actions - Inbound communications then trigger automated actions or contextual responses.####With Pendula, it’s easy to:####- Send automated and personalised messages on a schedule or event trigger from any information within Salesforce.##- Redirect failed or unread messages to another channel automatically.##- Follow up customers to drive action (e.g. payment reminders).##- Rapidly create a one-off message (email, SMS, fax, post, social) against any object (e.g. case).##- Receive messages from your customers directly in Salesforce.##- Clean your contact information through other channels (e.g. receiving a new email address via a text message from a customer).##- Use the Pendula Console to send, receive and review message history for any individual.


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Szyslak / 2.0.0
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Sydney, Australia

Zipline Customer Dialogue Managment (CDM). ####Zipline enables two-way communication via SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, fax and post directly from any object in Salesforce. Inbound communications can then trigger workflows or actions automatically.

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