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The rights database and workflow tool by rights people for rights people

RightsZone enables publishers and agents to efficiently manage their rights licensing activity. We built RightsZone to untangle complexity and strip out admin, so that rights professionals can get on with making more deals and growing licensing revenue.

  • Save time and increase the number of subsidiary rights deals you can generate by optimising your workflow
  • Increase revenue by managing customer relationships effectively and increasing the discoverability of your rights for translation and other licensing possibilities
  • Provide customers with a high quality and responsive service with fast and secure access to your rights data anytime, anywhere
RightsZone is a logical, focused app that enables publishers and agents to manage their rights licensing activity efficiently. Using RightsZone you can:####• Set up or import your titles with relevant descriptions (e.g. blurbs, author bio etc.) and product formats##• Record subsidiary rights available to be licensed for each title as well as store copies of head agreements and permissions##• Keep detailed information about customers and contacts including key profile and rights interests##• Set up Deal Records to manage the full lifecycle of a deal (e.g. a translation, reprint, audio version etc.), from expression of interest, submissions (including options and auctions), negotiation, setting up and issuing a licence, right through to managing addenda and expired licences.##• Manage royalty statements and payments throughout the life of an agreement##• Use tools such as, email, views, reports, task and event scheduling to move seamlessly through your workflow – information can even be delivered direct to your homepage ####Contact us today, to see how RightsZone can help you streamline your workflow, agree more deals and grow your licensing revenue.


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Support Standard support provided as part of the subscription. Contact RightsZone for further details.

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Summer 2018 / 1.16.0
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RibbonFish Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Ribbonfish are dedicated to the publishing and media industries. As businesses evolve, so do we. Our mission is to excite publishing teams with slick technology that streamlines workflows.####The business was initially set-up in 2007 by Marc Defosse, an industry veteran whose personal career experience covers various organisational sectors, always focussing on technology. With this deep understanding of how technology implementation within an organisation really works, and with hands-on experience of delivering the full lifecycle of publishing systems, the vision for Ribbonfish was born.####Fast-forward to 2018, and Ribbonfish is now a well-established player in the publishing and media industries. We are a registered Salesforce partner and Microsoft specialist, but retain a passionate stance on independence and objectivity.####Based in London and New York, we strive to maintain client relationships and continually improve on our processes to deliver successful projects for publishers and media teams across the globe.####In 2017 Ribbonfish joined forces with industry Rights experts Clare Hodder and Ruth Tellis to create RightsZone, a specialist app for licensing copyrighted works.