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Protect your Instance from Inadvertent Personally Identifiable Information

Ensure PCI DSS standards with GearsDataMask. Scan incoming Cases, emails and chats, or audit existing records, for credit card or social security numbers and automatically obscure the data to prevent sensitive information being stored in your Salesforce.

  • GearsDataMask protects organizations by preventing sensitive customer data from being saved to your instance, monitoring Case, Case Comment, Task, Email Messages, Chatter, LiveAgent Transcript & LiveMessage objects.
  • Auditing functionality allows organizations to scan their existing Salesforce records for any sensitive data already stored in the instance, and automatically mask the personally identifiable information.
  • GearsDataMask is highly customizable, allowing Administrators to control whether the sensitive data is fully or partially obscured, and providing the ability to create custom matching patterns to be monitored and masked by the app.
GearsDataMask protects organizations that handle sensitive customer data. By preventing personally identifiable information from being saved to your Salesforce instance, GearsDataMask eliminates compliance risks.####Scanning incoming Cases and related objects such as emails, chats and texts, GearsDataMask monitors for patterns in the data that match common personally identifiable information (PID/PII) like credit card or social security numbers. If detected, GearsDataMask automatically obscures the data - averting any compliance infractions and protecting your customer’s information.####GearsDataMask also audits your existing records to find sensitive data and resolves compliance issues by automatically obscuring the data.####The app is delivered with some of the most common PII/PID patterns built in, including American Express, Discover, JCB Card, Mastercard, Visa and US Social Security Numbers. Administrators can also create custom data patterns to protect additional sensitive data.####DataMask now supports custom masking logic, enabling Administrators to mask only a portion of the data, like the first 12 digits of a credit card number, instead of the entire string.


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Needham, Massachusetts, United States

We understand the challenges that Salesforce system administrators are up against. Supporting the needs of many different departments with competing priorities, and often with limited resources, system administrators are under more pressure than ever to deliver extraordinary results. GearsDesign builds apps to easily extend and customize Salesforce’s core functionality to help system admins meet even the most difficult business requirements.

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