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PencilDATA File Integrity Solution [14 Day Free Trial + Free Tier Available]

Starting at $100 USD per company per month Up to 100 files registered per month, FREE Up to 10,000 files registered per month, $100/mo Up to 100,000 files registered per month, $400/mo Up to 1,000,000 files registered per month, $1000/mo Over 1 million monthly files, contact us for pricing.

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Blockchain powered file integrity for audit, compliance, regulatory, legal

Automatically register a strong digital fingerprint of every file your users upload to Salesforce. Your data never leaves Salesforce. Prove file integrity to auditors and other teams -- beyond a reasonable doubt. Free tier includes 100 files/month.

  • Blockchain-powered "File Integrity as a Service" -- get the full power of blockchain without ever having to configure or manage the blockchain
  • Automatically registers the digital fingerprints of any files your users upload using the secure PencilDATA API -- set it and forget it with one-click activation from the AppExchange
  • Easily verify a file to provide strong proof to an auditor, regulator, or compliance team that a file stored in Salesforce is tamper-free
We use the strength of digital fingerprints and the unequaled integrity of blockchain to meet even the most strict file integrity needs. In just a few clicks, you'll install the integration to PencilDATA in your Salesforce organization, and every file your users upload will automatically have their digital fingerprints registered with us. Later you can verify the file to show your auditors, regulators, or compliance teams that nothing has changed.####The data contained in your files is NEVER sent to PencilDATA -- a digital fingerprint ("hash") will be generated inside of Salesforce when a file is uploaded by your users, and we only see or store that digital fingerprint.####Pricing is per organization based on the number of files your users will upload each month, with the first 100 files free each month and volume discounts as you grow.


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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Support Please email us or use the live chat on our website for any support needs.

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