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AC Knowledge Management Enterprise

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$8,400 USD per company per year Pricing starts from $700 per month for org of up to 100 Internal users and grows depending on this number: $900 (100-300), $1200 (301-500), $1500 (501-700), $1800 (701-900), $2000 (901-1300), $2200 (1301-1700), $2500 (1701-2000), $3000 (>2000 users).

Discounts available for nonprofits

More plans available
$10,800 USD per company per year
$14,400 USD per company per year
$18,000 USD per company per year
$36,000 USD per company per year



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Knowledge Management Component with Case Deflection for Experience Cloud

AC Knowledge Management Enterprise app is designed to help organizations share their documentation with their customers, partners, and employees effectively in a clear and structured way and to enable customers to contribute to the Knowledgebase.