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GDPR tools for Data Privacy Management: DataPro Tools

Starting at $5 USD per user per month Lite edition: $5/user/month. Enterprise edition: $13/user/month (ask for quantity discounts)



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Data Privacy Management for GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation )

Manage every individual's privacy preferences. The EU has defined the lawful basis: Consent, Legitimate Interest, deleting data etc. This app gives the ability to comply with those rules. Lite and Enterprise editions.####Preference center also available

  • Provides the tools needed to manage data according to the GDPR. Configure your own channels(eg email, phone) and categories(ie reason for processing), set lawful basis(eg Consent, Legit. interest, etc) & other details including the date range of validity
  • "Consent decays with time". Ensure contacts are re-consented before a current consent expires. Be confident of selecting data that has a valid lawful basis to be included in campaigns. Ensure names are deleted if no valid lawful basis can be found.
  • Confirm if a specific record was deleted, know who deleted it & when.Screen new data against deleted list####Contacts/leads/person accounts####LIVE CHAT: ##Request a live demo##+44
To be compliant with the GDPR you must maintain the lawful basis for storing every contact name in your database. You must store the reason why each record has the lawful basis it is assigned, and also the date range it is valid for: consent does not last for ever. DataPro Tools allows you to do just that, and it keeps track of changes, so in the event of a challenge you can check back.####• Maintain complete privacy records for every contact name in the database##• Management of deleting and deleted records, including screening##• Update privacy records in bulk##• Extensive filtering##• Reporting and dashboards for bird’s eye view of the data and privacy status####Ability to select data:##* that needs to be re-consented by a certain date.##* which will not have a valid basis on a certain date eg records about to expire##* with no lawful basis, update or delete it.####This app provides the EXTENSIVE functionality required to comply with the GDPR####* This app is a fully native managed package working only within salesforce with no external connections.


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DataPro Tools
DataPro Tools / 1.27.0
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Quality System Solutions Ltd
Chippenham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Having been CRM specialists for over 25 years we now have a new focus on data privacy. With the new EU law, GDPR, coming into effect in 2018, we are specializing in data privacy management. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applies to every organization worldwide that "processes" data that identifies EU individuals.####Our new app for salesforce enables companies to track every contact name according to the lawful basis for processing. The app is fully native and requires no external connections.

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