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Vyakar Lead To Account Matching




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Match SFDC Leads to Accounts - for free

Vyakar's service will match SFDC leads to accounts with-in SFDC. You could use matched leads to run attribution reporting and lead routing. This will also help you generate leads and account based report to analyze account penetration and white space.

  • Your leads are matched to existing SFDC accounts, and see them all in one place, i.e. account view. Leads appear the way contacts appear on the account view. Your sales team is better informed about the account activity before making the very first call.
  • Use Lead to Account matching to create your own account based routing in SFDC. Treat your your existing customers differently than new accounts. Program your own, or use Vyakar's advanced Lead Router add-on for complex routing requirement.
  • Do more than just Lead to Account matching and Lead Routing. Use the Vyakar segmentation add-on to create Account Based segmentation, apply the very same lead routing definitions to segmentation, perfectly aligning sales and marketing efforts.
Vyakar lead to account matching application helps you match lead to accounts. Vyakar uses its patent pending technology to provide you with best matched account for the lead. ####Some of the key match features are:####Company Suffix - Ignore common company suffix such##as Inc, Corp, LLC####Special Characters - “&” is same as “AND”. Ignore comma and other special characters####Acronyms - IBM is same as “International Business Machine” and same as I.B.M####Geo Sensitivity - In case of multiple matches, geographical proximity is given preference####Web Domain - A record with missing company name, but valid business domain is matched####Company Mergers - Youtube matches with Google and Taleo matches with Oracle####Popular Names - Alphabet Inc and Google are same while matching####Custom Rules - Rules are never enough! Create your own white list and blacklist to match against.


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