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Diagramming inside Quip is the easiest way to add simple, yet powerful, diagramming capability to everyone in your Quip instance. gives you a fully featured editor live in your Quip pages, you never switch context. Best yet, all data is stored fully within Quip.

  • Fully featured, fully embedded live inside Quip pages
  • Application and data are fully inside Quip, no third-party to trust with data or uptime.
  • Collaborate on diagrams in real time with other users on the page
With for Quip we set about implementing a "live app" as literally as possible. is a diagramming app for Quip that lives fully embedded in any and every Quip page. There's no context switching when editing, everything flows seamlessly within your existing workflow.####The integration goes deeper than the visuals and experience. The application is hosted and delivered from within Quip, plus all the data is stored only within Quip pages. This means no additional third-party to audit for secure handling of your sensitive data, rely on their app uptime, or deal with the hassle of mapping their license management over to and Quip are a natural fit, diagrams add clarity, improve communication and increase productivity across every department of your organization. From sales processes to customer success flowcharts, from engineering system diagrams to design mockups, licensing every user is simple and outstanding value.
Zurich, Switzerland
+44 20 8819 2590 is an all-engineering, fully remote team based across Europe. We've been building diagramming software since 2000 and been implementing native browser diagramming since 2005.