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Chargent Terminal: Modern Retail Payments for Salesforce

$500 USD per Terminal per year Terminals can be rented separately from AppFrontier or purchased by the customer.

Discounts available for nonprofits



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Credit card machine for retail swipe, chip, and smartphone payments

With Chargent Terminal, you can accept credit card and mobile device payments from your customers face to face, and have the transactions update into Salesforce.####Click the blue button [ > Watch Demo] above to learn more today.

  • Consumers today are used to being able to pay with their mobile phones, credit cards and debit cards, and they expect to be able to do that in a retail environment as well. Chargent Terminal enables multiple payment options in a mobile retail environment
  • Customers can select from built-in receipt options including email, text or printed paper receipts. Customizable receipt templates also offer the option to gather customer satisfaction ratings and feedback for the merchant.
  • Save money with lower credit card processing fees versus eCommerce transactions or phone orders. And Chargent does not take any fees on transactions -- use any payment processor that you wish, or ask us for a recommendation.
With Chargent Terminal, now your business can accept payments from your customers in person using smart terminal devices. Chargent Terminal supports EMV (chip), swipe (classic magnetic stripe), and NFC (tap) options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay / Android Pay in situations where the customer is with you in person, presenting a payment source.####Supported Payment Types####Credit Card swipe##Credit Card chip insert (EMV)##Smart Phone tap / nfc##Apple Pay##Android Pay##Google Pay####Chargent Terminal is both PCI Compliant and EMV Certified.####Get the transaction history and reporting, without any sensitive payment data being stored in Salesforce. Tie your billing data directly back to Quotes, Orders, Opportunities, or any custom object you choose.####Chargent Terminal is built on a next-generation, mobile point of sale terminal you can use to accept customer payments anywhere you have a wifi connection.####Bring payments to wherever your customers are, connected to where you customize orders or quotes in Salesforce - and enable modern face to face payments with Chargent Terminal.####From the makers of Chargent, on the AppExchange since 2009 with over 200 5 star reviews.


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Other System Requirements
Requires the Poynt Smart Terminal device.

Support Support is available via phone Monday - Friday, 5 AM - 5 PM Pacific time, and via email more generally. Support for the functioning and setup of the Poynt hardware terminals is also provided by a Chargent partner company 24/7.

Additional Information

Package Name
Chargent Terminal
Chargent Terminal / 1.31.0
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AppFrontier LLC
San Francisco, CA

AppFrontier makes the Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce application, the only 100% Salesforce native credit card / ACH payment solution for one time or recurring billing. Chargent puts you in complete control of your payment processing, managing everything right in Salesforce where your customer data is stored.####Our highly extensible platform has been deployed in hundreds of organizations since 2009. Chargent comes with pre-built integrations to 30+ payment gateways, with developer tools that make it easy to customize to fit any business process.

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