Terms of Use & Agreements
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Terms of Use & Agreements

If salesforce.com is not listed as the provider of this application, or if the provider listed is Salesforce Labs, then the application is not provided or warranted by salesforce.com. You and/or other users at your company may be able to use this application to access your or your company's data in the salesforce.com system. However, using this application may also result in transmission of such data out of the salesforce.com system. To the extent data is transmitted out of the salesforce.com system, salesforce.com is not responsible for the privacy, security or integrity of that data.

For some purchases, you may owe a sales or use tax not collected by the AppExchange Provider. Your state's law requires you to review untaxed purchases, and if tax is owed, file a use tax return and pay the tax due. For purchases made on the AppExchange Provider's platform, the Provider may be required to notify you about the potential tax liability for the purchase and share the information with your state's revenue department.

For Washington residents, this notice is provided under the Revised Code of Washington 82.13.020(3)(a). Visit dor.wa.gov/consumerusetax for more information.