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blueButler Embedded Call Recording for Salesforce

Starting at $12 USD per user per month 1,2, and 3-year subscription pricing available Listening License starting at $12 per user / mo Recording License starting at $6 per user / mo An onsite tap is required for each office location Low Risk - 90 day notice for subscription cancellation



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For Account Managers / Management – "Listen-only" licenses available

blueButler works with your existing phone system to automatically record and embed Operational Team phone calls in Salesforce. Record just the phones you want but share recordings in Salesforce Accounts, Cases, Opportunities and Contacts where needed.

  • Empower Sales Teams with information in embedded recordings from related work groups: sales engineering, project management, technical service, and management for enhanced, timely collaboration, and faster, more effective sales proposals.
  • For immediate, superior Customer Service, recorded information is shared in Cases for faster case resolution by your 2nd and 3rd level support teams and management collaboration. Recorded calls enable effective, continuous coaching and training.
  • For your Inside Order Desk, never miss a lead as automatic recordings are embedded in Opportunities for consistent, easy follow up. Resolve “he said, she said disputes”, book orders over the phone, and know the experience you give to your customer.
Listening to shared recordings in Salesforce empowers everyone in your organization to use their skill set/expertise as needed to drive Sales and Service requirements. blueButler automatically embeds recordings in work activity of Operational Teams. The User controls when and where in Salesforce they will share the recording. Sharing & Playback (from office or mobile) is as easy as a “click”. Populate Salesforce with information contained in the recording when convenient.####Sales Team:####• Drive good service – critical to sales effort ##• Less experienced staff collaborates with senior & technical staff/management##• Prepare effective sales proposals with easy, reliable access to accurate, detailed information##• Hear what your customers are actually saying####Service Desk/Order Desk/Call Center:####• Faster case resolution as 2nd / 3rd level support has immediate access to front line call recording##• Know strengths & weaknesses for coaching & training##• Self-awareness – Self-training##• Bind business over the phone with Audio Signatures – attach audio file to Sales Order##• Resolve “he said she said” disputes##• Effectively track & hand off sales Leads generated in phone calls


  • Compatible with Professional, and Enterprise EditionsProfessional & Up
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Other System Requirements
blueButler works with all types of phone systems (digital, VoIP, PRI).####A Recording License and an onsite tap is required for each phone being recorded. Taps are specific to your type of office phone system.####Contact blueC for details.


1-877-730-blue (2583)

Additional Information

Package Name
Spring 2015 / 1.3.0
First Release
Latest Release
blueC 802 Inc.
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

blueC specializes in enterprise Call Content and Recorded Call Management and is a leading solution provider in the Insurance Carrier/Broker/Agency market. blueC was awarded an Insurance Canada Technology Award (“ICTA”) for its flagship blueButler™ offering that enables Brokers to optimize call recorded business processes while identifying new revenue opportunities, mitigating risk, and managing a highly qualified and productive workforce.####Our focus is on providing highly innovative and unique solutions that help our customers grow their business. blueC is committed to providing the professional care and immediate return on investment that today’s world-class organizations demand. An investment in blueButler is an investment in the future. We base our R&D on customer feedback and evolving market requirements and we build the new capabilities into our underlying blueButler platform so that every blueButler customer can benefit from the enhancements.