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Power Dialer, Click Dialer, Live Conversation Dialer, Cadence, ConnectLeader

Starting at $49 USD per user per month ConnectLeader for Salesforce app is free, but users must require subscription to access ConnectLeader's cloud based dialing service. To learn more, go to



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Sales Engagement & Dialing Platform for businesses of all sizes

Includes customizable Sales Cadence, PowerDialers, Predictive Intelligence, Click Dialer, Agent Assisted Dialer, Local Presence/ Local Caller ID, Lead Scoring. Inside sales tool to help sales teams dial more contacts and have more sales conversations.

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Great Productivity Tool for Sales Reps - Used it 3 times!

I am a sales manager who has used ConnectLeader for my inside sales teams at 3 different companies. It is amazing. Even if you have a dialer in your CRM or sales productivity tool, those gains don't come close to 4 dialing agents making calls simultaneously for you. ####Sales rep productivity has increased 5 fold. They can make 500+ calls a day, vs struggling to do 100 per day. ConnectLeader is great for large influxes of leads from trade shows or for cold outbound prospecting, for example.####Don't get scared off by the price. ConnectLeader is more cost effective than hiring more sales reps to make calls manually. I've cut my planned headcount at each of the last 3 companies when implementing ConnectLeader.####ConnectLeader support is equally as good. They answer support questions quickly and train my reps via "co-pilot" sessions. During these sessions, ConnectLeader support will conference themselves in with each sales rep, and help them with set up and tips during their first calling session.

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