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Tukuoro - The Voice User Interface!

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Make Voice Work!

All you have to do is talk to Tukuoro!##Tukuoro captures, processes and uploads data to any Salesforce form. All through your voice. Anytime, anywhere.##No more notes and spreadsheets.##Talking. Fast. Simple. Accurate

  • Improve field productivity using an interactive voice to structured data innovative solution.
  • Effortless installation - on your salesforce org and on the users' device. Up and running in minutes!
  • No training required!! Simple and intuitive.
These days productivity & efficiency are the game changer. Improving the company’s efficiency, productivity and dramatically increasing user adoption is now at reach. Using Tukuoro saves a lot of time for other service tasks, for making more sales.##Insert data to any object of your org, just by talking to our app. We process the data, making it more accurate and in seconds your meeting \ service summary is submitted. Think about it – 2 minutes of talking the meeting summary to the phone while walking to your car instead of 30 minutes of typing… It’s as simple as that. It’s even faster and simpler than reading this pitch!##Employees will love this perfect tool that captures information through their voice. It’s just great to have voice assist in your daily sales management, cutting down on the workload. Unlike any other, not only that the data is added, but it is more accurate through the correction applied by Tukuoro Cloud Service.##Its too easy not to use..####This version includes:##iOS\Android support##Voice or text data capture##Speech to text enhancement by Tukuoro##Verification email sent to user prior to submission


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Other System Requirements
Mobile application:##Android - 4.1 and above##iOS version 7.0 and above


Additional Information

Package Name
1.7 / 1.7.0
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Tel Aviv, Israel

Tukuoro is delivering the Voice Layer which works in context – for business. We empower the on-the-go team and letting them update and query information from their Salesforce account. ##Once you captured the information, a confirmation email is sent to your account's email, to validate the data and confirm it – in order to submit it to your account.