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View, Create, Edit your tasks in your Lightning App

This lightning component provides you access to all your tasks in your lighting app. Just drag and drop My Tasks lightning component to your lightning App and have access to all your tasks and filters.

Review by Fabrice Cathala View All Reviews

Needs refinement

I had good success installing this component and found it robust and rather neat. ####Still, I had a couple of frustrations on the configuration side:####1. Because it open the task in Edit mode the read-only fields are not shown. Which mean that if your task is to call your customer, then you're in no luck as you can't even click on the Contact which is not a link Edit mode. I would welcome the Phone and Email to surface somehow.##I understand the approach to provide a quick way to edit tasks but if you don't have the information to select or progress the task in the first instance then, surely, "quick edit" has to be secondary.####2. The list view is not configurable. So, if the default fields are not the ones that matters to your business, then again, there's nothing you can do!

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Kaj Niemi
Nov 16, 2016 at 4:54 AM

Agreed on point 1, so far it's the only annoyance I've found out.

Kashi LTCLabs
Jan 06, 2017 at 1:47 PM

Thanks Fabrice and Kaj for the feedback. I do hear you guys. However, as you know like other Lab apps, its unsupported and free app. It was build to be simple and easy way to show Tasks and get you started. It is open source on github i.e. Anyone who is interested can add more features to it. ####Meanwhile, you might want to look at @Webider Lightning Component Pack. It has more features including Tasks and Events both and it's FREE. I believe it already have no1 feature you mentioned to show view mode tasks details instead of edit mode. ####

Fabrice Cathala
Jan 18, 2017 at 6:41 PM

Thanks for your response Kashi. I appreciate! :)