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QuickBooks Online Integration with Salesforce through Breadwinner

Starting at $120 USD per company per month Please see Breadwinner's website for pricing information.



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Automatically update Salesforce with live QuickBooks Online Invoice amounts

Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online offers two-way sync of Invoices and QuickBooks Online Companies; and can connect to multiple QuickBooks Online orgs.####Create records from within QuickBooks Online, and they will be synced back to Salesforce.

  • Two Way creation and sync of Invoices, Bills, Purchase Orders. Line Items and Payments, as well as Credit Notes, and even QuickBooks Online Companies, are also brought into Salesforce.
  • Live Sync (Hourly) Ensures Data in Salesforce is always up-to-date and reflects what is in QuickBooks Online.
  • Breadwinner is multi-currency and multi-org ready. It can connect to Multiple distinct QuickBooks Online Orgs, and each org can have it's own multiple currencies. Each org can also have it's own Revenue Codes, Custom Fields, Locations and Classes.
Losing time or money checking two systems or entering data twice? With Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online, you can have a full view of your Invoices from Salesforce, and can also create such records from Salesforce Opportunities or Quotes.####To see our requirements, database ERD or exactly what we map, see ##* Account Level Information####We rollup Invoice totals to the Account and Opportunity, and provide a mini-dashboard on each Salesforce Account.####* Two way robust sync####Whether you want to create Invoices from within Salesforce, or create them directly in QuickBooks Online and see them replicated back to Salesforce, Breadwinner handles this.####* Deep integrations####Breadwinner specifically integrates with Matrix, Advendio, Chargent, Mission Control, Unleashed, and many more apps.####* Details####Compare us to FinancialForce & Accounting Seed, as well as Workato, DBSync, & OneSaas.####Pricing: Please see for more information on our pricing.


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits
  • Supports orgs where Person Accounts is enabledPerson Accounts
  • Supports orgs where Multiple Currencies is enableMulti-Currency

Contents of managed packages don't count against your org's app, tab, and object limits. Contents of unmanaged packages count against these limits, so check your org before installing.Package Contents

  • Custom Objects: 11
  • Custom Applications: 1
  • Custom Tabs: 10

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  • App Builder: 0
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Other System Requirements
Customers must have a QuickBooks Online org to connect with.

Support Support available through knowledge base and emails to support team. View our knowledge base at Ask your support question at

Additional Information

Package Name
Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online
2.21 / 2.21.0
First Release
Latest Release
Breadwinner / Daddy Donkey Labs Inc.
London, UK

Breadwinner (produced by Daddy Donkey Labs Inc.) is the leading integration between Salesforce and two populate online accounting platforms, Xero and QuickBooks Online.####Because the sole focus of Breadwinner is towards a dedicated connection with an online accounting platform, our integration is deeper and more robust, and thus offers more vital features that help companies scale their business.

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