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6 Street Technologies, LLC



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CloudCraze B2B Commerce, Community Cloud, and AppCloud Development

6 Street Technologies is a US-based consulting firm focused on using Salesforce for digital transformation for Enterprises using Agile methodologies.####A Registered Partner operating in San Antonio and Austin, Texas as well as Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • CloudCraze B2B Commerce Partner since 2012
  • Sales Cloud and Community Cloud
  • AppExchange/Lightning Development
6 Street Technologies, LLC is a US-based consulting firm focused on using Salesforce for digital transformation for B2B Commerce with CloudCraze.####In addition, we all also help our customers to create digital communities with Community Cloud. We also perform platform and app development for Enterprise customers who have decided to embrace the App Cloud platform to build applications to deliver rich on-demand, mobile applications for their employees, partners, and customers.####Founder of 6 Street Technologies, Jonathan Keel, has been involved in ecosystem for many years. He is the author of " Lightning Process Builder and Visual Workflow" which can be found on Amazon here:## addition Jonathan collaborated as the Technical Reviewer for the book, "Practical Development Without Code" which can be found on Amazon here:

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6 Street Technologies, LLC
San Antonio, TX, US
(833) 242-6439

6 Street Technologies, LLC specializes in Sales Cloud & Commerce development. We also help companies with their AppExchange and Lightning development. Our team focuses on rapid development using Agile methodologies.####Our belief is that technology should be an enabler and not a burden. It should provide value to make people more productive but stay out of the way. It should not cause duplicate or unnecessary work. It should not confuse those who use it. Our mantra is that technology should follow a principle of being simple, elegant, and a joy to work with.####In short, technology should work for you, your team, and your customers. It should amaze and appear magical when done well.