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Advitya - The perfect duplicate management app




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Data Cleansing
Eliminate your Duplicates

Removing from Appexchange until intermittent view state error is fixed. Makes data deduplication easy. Allows finding and merging duplicates in bulk. Highly secure as it dedupes data within Salesforce. Provides preview of to-be master’ record.

  • Easy wizard based approach to pick objects and set queries to search Duplicates on Standard and Custom Objects. Customize filters for search criteria. No technical background needed.
  • Allows data cleansing in bulk, schedule jobs, export duplicate records for backup and preview the final output before actually starting the merging process.
  • You can choose your master record based on customized filters. It even provides easy reporting on dirty data offenders. ##Clean data equals Productive Salesforce CRM.
Advitya makes managing duplicate data easy in Salesforce! It is a de-duplication application which cleanses the duplicate records in an easy step by step manner. The user can search the records based on pre-set filters and then choose either manual or mass merge. The application covers the following functionalities:####• 100% Native dedupe application##• Simple yet powerful 5 step search and merge process via optimized design##• Customizable filers on Standard/Custom Objects and Fields##• Automatic/Manual Master record selection##• Choose which duplicate records to merge and which to not or simply select merge all ##• Preview screen to verify the ‘to-be master’ record before actual merging is initiated##• Schedule your dedupe tasks##• Export your duplicates before merging, just to keep your data safe##• Re-parenting of child records while merging the Parent records##• Master record field updates while merging##• Save your searches for future use##• Smart reporting via intuitive dashboard##• Intelligent notification alerts on successful merge with the master record details####We recommend using Salesforce Dupe Catcher app for duplicate data prevention.


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Advitya 1.0
Advitya / 1.20.0
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Mirketa Inc
Dublin, CA, USA

Mirketa Inc is a California based Business and IT Consulting firm. Our head office is located in the city of Dublin. Our global delivery center is located in Noida, India. We have delivered over 1000 solutions ecosystem.

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