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Extole Customer Advocacy Platform - Refer-a-Friend for Salesforce




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Scale your referral program, integrate it with your CRM.

Extole's app puts the power of customer advocacy in your CRM. Extole with Salesforce lets you create more advocates, convert more leads. Auto identification of advocates and friends plus rewards based on CRM events let you scale and automate referrals.

  • Advocate and Friend Connections - When existing customers recommend your brand to their friends using Extole, the Extole Salesforce App automatically tracks those connections so that your view of who is engaging with your business is complete.
  • CRM-Triggered Rewards - Extole features a powerful engine that distributes rewards to advocates and friends. The Extole Salesforce App automatically connects CRM events, such as converting an opp to closed/won, to the Extole reward engine.
  • Program Reporting - Understand the performance of your referral program with a custom Salesforce dashboard that highlights your advocates, their reach, the revenue they generate, and more!
Extole's platform powers rich, cross-channel referral programs for the world's biggest brands. With all the capabilities to market, measure, and optimize large-scale refer-a-friend, the Extole platform helps marketers turn the love existing customers have for your brand into new customers. To learn more about Extole, visit


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Package Name
Extole App
September 6 / 1.16.0
First Release
Latest Release
Extole, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, USA
(415) 625-0411

Brands use Extole to create connections that turn customers into advocates. Our enterprise advocacy platform and team of experts create beautiful advocate, sharing, and referral programs, so brands can harness the power of their advocates. By creating millions of advocates, we help marketers scale word-of-mouth to acquire new customers and increase loyalty using their greatest advantage: their customers.