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BizConnector / Lead Follow-Up: Small Business Marketing and Workflow Automation


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Small Business Marketing and Workflow Automation

Marketing and workflow automation for small businesses. Automate multi-channel drip campaigns for lead and customer nurturing. Automate workflow for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. Real-time Chatter alerts. For leads, opportunities, and more.

  • Intelligent Drip Marketing to nurture your leads and customers.
  • Automation that responds in real time to lead and customer actions.
  • Easy integration with your critical cloud-based business services.
BizConnector is marketing and workflow automation built for small businesses. Starting at $59/month, BizConnector provides immediate incremental ROI. No set-up fees or annual contracts!####Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Easily set up campaigns that respond to what your target audience is doing. Our intelligent email marketing tools make it easy to engage with your customers and leads with customized, dynamic content targeted to their interests. ####Nurture your leads and customers by responding to their actions automatically, in real-time! Our intuitive business rules system allows you to create the most effective campaigns by adjusting to customer and lead behavior on the fly. ####Use our closed loop feedback "insert a question" feature to ask your customers and leads questions and respond instantaneously to their answers!####Automate your marketing and workflows using our intuitive business rules capability. Send real-time alerts to your mobile workforce via Salesforce Chatter or SMS.


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Support Free, ongoing email and phone support to help you do your evaluation efficiently and to get you up and running quickly. Plus, the latest on best practices, campaign strategies, rule design. You don't need to feel that you are on your own.

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Lead Follow-Up
1.0 / 1.1.0
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914 472-8292

BizConnector, a division of MacMicro Inc, provides technology that facilitates interactive, internet-based communication. BizConnector technology can be used for applications that, for example, automate feedback from email recipients, connect buyers and sellers, and integrate with corporate applications and databases.