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Data Cleansing

JunkIt! is a self-learning Lead SPAM filter. Let salesforce keep your lead lists clean by eliminating the junk that comes from website forms and bad imports. Watches for common junk records and can be taught to look for other characteristics.

  • Improve lead quality
  • Keep your lead database clean
  • Users help the SPAM filter to become smarter over time
Tired of leads that look like "aaddssff" ... or "mickey mouse"?####JunkIt! is a native application that helps users manage their lead quality without imposing an additional burden on the Sales and/or Marketing teams. ####Leads are analyzed against filter criteria to determine whether the lead should be followed up on, or put into a junk queue. ####JunkIt! is self-learning, and lets you easily build the knowledge base up over time. With JunkIt!, your sales team won't see the leads that "everyone knows" aren't worth following up on. ####JunkIt! filters are based on email domains, company names, job titles, and full lead profiles that you identify. As more users add JunkIt!candidates to the database, the screening improves and an increasing proportion of leads are filtered out. ####To install JunkIt! do the following:##1. install from AppExchange. Tell to ignore errors on installation.##2. After installation, create a lead queue called "Leads - JunQue"##3. put in the domains, names or titles that you want to ignore and watch it work as new leads come in.


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
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JunQue Lead Filter
1.0b / 1.2
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CloudLogistix, Inc.
Pleasanton, CA, USA
(866) 259-7589

Leading the wave of CloudSourcing - CloudLogistix has been helping companies moving into their business processes into the Cloud for the last 5+ years.####We are a Consulting and ISV partner. Our focus is on how to help companies create 360 degree views of their entire business by leveraging Cloud Technology - from Marketing and Sales to Support. ####From Project Managing with our Agile Delivery methodology to complete ownership of the tasks at hand we deliver your tasks on-time and on-budget. ####We do incremental roll-outs to speed adoption, provide comprehensive training services and continue to provide support after the long after the deployment. We offer a phased-approach that combines structured project planning along with the incremental implementation of features to get users going immediately. ####Specialties Include: SFA/CRM/Marketing Automation, Cloud Consulting, Business Process Consulting, Executive Coaching