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"With Copy2Contact I am working exponentially faster than ever before." Save time – no more cutting and pasting! Instantly capture new leads, contacts, events and more into from email, Web, directories or search results. Try it for FREE!

  • Eliminates retyping and cutting/pasting time and frustration
  • Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce by automatically filling out your Lead, Contact, or Event form
  • Completely changes the way you work with Salesforce by allowing you to capture leads much faster!
Copy2Contact (formerly "Anagram") for is a powerful utility that saves you the time-consuming and error-prone steps of retyping contact or event information into Salesforce. You can capture leads, grab contact information, and add events to your Salesforce calendar just by highlighting any text in an email message, resume, web search results page, word document, or other source.####Hit a single hotkey and Copy2Contact interprets the highlighted text and creates a new Salesforce Lead, Contact, or Event instantly, with all the data filled in correctly... so you don't have to. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!
Anagram Technologies

Anagram Technologies is a maker of intelligent software solutions for everyday use. With the exceptional power of today's computers, Anagram Technologies is working to make software more intelligent and easier to use in everyday tasks. Focusing on processing and parsing of text created by and for humans, Anagram Technologies has developed solutions in many areas of artificial intelligence that enable computers to work more smoothly with their users.