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BlastWizard by Boomerang: Email Marketing




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Mass Emails
Versatile email marketing solutions. Maximum deliverability.

BlastWizard for AppExchange is a self-service mass email marketing application for sales and marketing professionals. Creating, sending, and measuring professional emails have never been this easy and affordable.

  • Building your recipient list is easy and flexible. You can segment the database, use an existing Salesforce campaign, or even upload an external list.
  • Your content can be uploaded, created as new in our WYSIWYG HTML editor, or built using one of our professional templates.
  • All clients enjoy advanced features including “Send on Behalf of”, A/B testing, 60+ Reports, an email calendar, and top-tier delivery.
Ease of use. That is the one benefit we hear about from BlastWizard users more than any other. Not surprising really, when you consider that setting up a mass email campaign for deployment takes our users an average of only 10 minutes from start to finish. Email marketing has never been easier.####For clients who like options, Blast Wizard for AppExchange gives you many. To build your email list, choose between using existing Salesforce campaigns, the powerful search and select alternative, or even upload a list of addresses that don’t yet exist in Salesforce. As for content choices, upload HTML files and images, choose from over 300 professionally designed templates, or build your own HTML creative using our full-featured WYSIWYG HTML editor.####Add to the extremely affordable and flexible pricing, powerful features like a “Send on Behalf of” option for sales administrators, A/B split testing, and the ability to separate out your account for different business divisions or types of emails; and you’ve got the best email marketing solution on the AppExchange.####Click on the <font style="font-weight: bold; color:red">Get It Now</font> button above and start your FREE Trial today!


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PC: Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer, Mozilla 1.5 or newer, FireFox 1.0 or newer

Support Customer Care is available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. For oversees callers, please dial +1-650-798-1082.

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BlastWizard for AppExchange
7.0 / 1.1.0
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1-800-779-7792 Ext. 2

Founded in 1991, Boomerang blends flexible and innovative email marketing solutions with more than sixteen years of e-marketing experience. In addition to its BlastWizard email application, Boomerang offers a dedicated team of e-marketing professionals to aid clients with industry best practices, HTML design and creation, and campaign set up and execution. Through BlastWizard, Boomerang also offers other integrated technologies such as a Dynamic Content application, a transactional email transformation tool as well as outbound and inbound Fax delivery. These services offer clients a variety of sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, e-marketing applications to reach their target customers. Boomerang is a privately held corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, California.