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MediaTrak ClientManager




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Build brand, advertiser and agency relationships. Drive ad sales success.

MediaTrak ClientManager helps media organizations build relationships and drive ad sales success. With Chatter, ClientManager enables collaboration and real time updates, expanding the ability to track complex brand, advertiser and agency relationships.

  • Tracks complex relationships between brands, advertisers, agencies, and the people that work with them
  • Leverages the power of CRM solution with customized media specific interface
  • Utilizes robust pre-built media-specific Reports and Dashboards to identify new business opportunities
Our knowledge is our strength. When applied to your media business, our process experience combined with technical know how can help your organization build a customized business solution that simplifies the complexities of advertising sales and insertion order management, increasing the productivity and collaboration of your media sales organization.####Now with Chatter, MediaTrak ClientManager enables powerful collaboration, more insight, and real time updates including the latest information available from every member of your team. Get a complete view of your business, ClientManager is part of the MediaTrak suite of solutions for ad sales. Bluewolf's successful media customers include Time Warner Cable, FOX, DowJones, United Business Media and many more.


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MediaTrak Client Manager
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New York, New York, USA
US 866-455-WOLF /UK +44 (0) 207 643 2749

Bluewolf, an IBM Company, is the global Salesforce consulting agency committed to creating customer and employee experiences that drive a return on innovation. We enable companies of any size and industry to deliver deeper, personalized customer moments with Augmented Intelligence (AI) as a competitive advantage–now. Using our patented project delivery solution, Bluewolf Sightline™, we reduce deployment time and get results faster with less risk for customers worldwide, such as T-Mobile, Mercedes-Benz, and AmerisourceBergen.