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Marketo Marketing Automation, Email Marketing & Lead Management


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Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing & Scoring + more

Marketo Marketing & Lead Management solution is an easy, powerful and complete marketing platform that helps marketers acquire new customers more efficiently, improve sales effectiveness, and prove marketing’s contribution to revenue growth.

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Top Favorable Review

Marketo blows the other salesforce integrations out of the water

We used to use another high-end email marketing tool (which will remain nameless...) that we all thought worked fine. Little did we realize how WRONG we were, and when things started going funky on landing pages and with email deliveries, this nameless company was no where to be found in terms of service, often taking a week or more to resolve a critical issue. So when I first saw a Marketo demo, I thought, well this looks great, but they're probably just as inconsistent and unreliable with their service and customer enablement team. WRONG AGAIN!!! Marketo has done nothing but exceed my expectations as far as the quality of the Salesforce integration, the ease of use and high end functionality of their campaign and landing page wizards and most importantly, their customer service team, which has always been there for me whenever I have had an issue. No more waiting a week for a fix that would've taken 15 minutes! What a joy; Marketo, and their people, are thee best in the business, and only getting better with each new release.

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Michael Ritenour
Dec 18, 2012 at 9:06 AM

Can you mention your company? Your profile doesn't show anything about your organization. Seems like this is a truly unsolicited review, but it starkly contrasts with the guy and his 2 stars from Oct 05.

Lauren Guinn
Mar 21, 2014 at 12:54 PM

Just started using Marketo after coming into a new company. I came from an Eloqua house and so far what I like best about Marketo is the way it's integrated to Salesforce. The fact that you can add fields in Salesforce and simply have them appear in Marketo is terrific. It eliminates the steps around having to match and test the config in your MA system. Huge time and "error" saver. UI is fairly intuitive for new users. It has been a bit glitchy. System can be slow, it doesn't auto refresh. But so far, its been a positive transition.

Top Critical Review

Difficult Integration with Salesforce Person Accounts

The experience thus far with Marketo has been rather difficult to integrate. The product is sold as an easy integration and it has been anything but easy. We use many custom fields and Marketo doesn't integrate well with those. In addition, we found out that the campaign member status field is the only part that carries over into Marketo, some of our custom fields are not readable and many processes we're duplicating just to get the live connection. If you have a very out of the box Salesforce you'll be fine, if you have customized with a lot of coding then this product is not right for you. And, I must mention customer service is extremely poor. The office is on PST so by the time you get a call back you're usually leaving the office. A lot of the help articles they refer you to haven't been very useful.

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Naomi Fowler
Feb 04, 2014 at 1:06 AM

Hi Brigid, how did do you handle the issue of Marketo not getting immediate updates for SF fields with data that changes based on a formula or a lookup? For us, this really hinders functionality for trigger campaigns which is the whole reason we have this tool. We experience other issues relating to duplication that I don't think are easily solved if your prospects are contacts in Salesforce rather than Leads. That one may be unique to us, but still, I think automation should be smart enough to decide if it is dealing with a unique new contact or someone that is already in the database. We just haven't found this to be so.

Brigid Greenway
Feb 04, 2014 at 1:44 PM

Hi Naomi-##Without knowing exactly your situation, what we found helpful was categorizing what actions were done based on trigger (i.e. immediately) or ones that could be categorized by batches on a daily/weekly basis. Also helpful is knowing your block updates are for a field - if you leave them totally open, it could lengthen the amount of data the sync is looking to process each time. Lastly, for us duplication had been a massive issue - partly because of poor data quality and because of SFDC native multi lead/single contact concept. We put a rigid dupe blocking process in place that does not allow a record to be created if an existing record exists with the same email address. Marketo is smart enough to append the existing record - but if you allow the duplication to be created on the SFDC, Marketo will suck it back in despite this. Hope this helps.

Caryl Mostacho
Feb 04, 2014 at 2:07 PM

Hi Naomi, ####We also dedup based on email address. The only time we do get duplicate submissions is if a user manual creates a lead or account in Salesforce. We've actually transitioned all of our online forms to MKTO forms on our website and landing pages vs the SF forms and this has significantly reduced our duplicates in our data base.

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Powerful when combined with Salesforce CRM

I consider Marketo an essential tool for all modern data driven marketing organizations. The integration with SFDC is powerful and the user community is great. Best in class tool. The downside is that is a little pricey.

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For New Marketo Users - Define Process Beforehand and it'll be smooth sailing!

The Marketo and Salesforce integration is a really powerful integration. For anyone setting up their Marketo for the first time, be very diligent about documenting which fields you will need to sync with Salesforce, so you can set them up and map them properly from the get go. This will save you time in the future from having to open cases with Marketo to get the fields map after the instance is set up and synced. ####The bi-directional sync between Marketo and Salesforce is wonderful, it helps you have the most up to date information on all your leads, which means better, more targeted marketing can be done.####All in all, Marketo is a great tool for all your marketing automation needs! I do recommend.

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My favorite MA tool, by far

I have had the opportunity to work in most of the major names in Marketing Automation, as well as a few more obscure options. While there are other tools on the market that have their own pros and cons, nothing compares to Marketo for me. Everything from lead scoring to data management to email nurture programs are so customizable. If you can dream it, there's probably a way to build it. While there is no such thing as a perfect product that works for every use case, Marketo is hands down my favorite option.

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Robust, multifunctional, time-saver

Having used half a dozen marketing automation, email marketing, lead scoring tools, I can say that after 5 years of hands-on experience with Marketo, it is the best out there. It is robust, multifunctional and a big time saver for my team. We sliced down our MarTech stack in half because Marketo can do so many things. It's like a Swiss Army knife for today's modern marketer.##Requires front-loading time for implementation and standardization, but it is time well spent that you will gain back in revenue later on.

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Works well

Make sure to read the documentation. Marketo's support is not good.

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Awesome tool!

Marketo is so easy to get started with and has an extensive integration with the salesforce platform!

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Marketo Sales Insight

The Marketo sales insight has been a great way to provide more information to the sales team. They loved the idea of stars and flames to get in touch with the right audience.

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No problem, easy setup, does almost everything we need

The integration was pretty simple for us -- merely picking all the fields you want from SFDC to sync over and we're done. Where you get into trouble is if you have existing marketo fields that you later want to sync back to SFDC -- Salesforce has to be the owner of the fields that sync TO marketo, so at times you may have to create a duplicate field and merge all your values over to get them to sync properly (or other fancy ways if you're a Salesforce Master).##I've noticed that the sync, lately, has improved between SFDC & Marketo. Sure if you're batching over thousands of records that'll take time, but speeds have definitely increased, and continue to improve. I rarely have an issue with this.

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Easy access to Salesforce Data

Once you have your Salesforce and Marketo integration in place, you get so much access to Salesforce data, for segmentation; such as, tracking of each stage in the life cycle or when an opportunity is opened. This data allows Marketers to send more targeted information to leads and helps sales and marketing work together throughout the buyer journey. Having used other marketing automation platforms, Marketo makes it so much easier to access this information seamlessly.

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Good but be prepared

Marketo is a good tool, but an intense one if you aren't prepared. There are a lot of ins and outs of the program that you have to know any order to be successful. Luckily the online community around Marketo is really strong and is a really beneficial resource when you run into road blocks. ####Be prepared to pay $$$ for training from Marketo--No answers come for free

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