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FinancialForce Accounting & Financial Management - Fall 2019

Starting at $420 USD per company per month Contact FinancialForce for full details



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Cloud Accounting Solution Built 100% Native on Salesforce

Streamline your opportunity to cash process, manage revenue precisely, and generate real-time financial analysis & audit trails with ease. FinancialForce cloud accounting software puts your core financial management functions all on Salesforce.

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Flexible, powerful, highly recommended

Our decision to build our business on the platform was highly influenced by the ability of to meet our business requirements. We had some complicated billing requirements that several vendors couldn't meet. The FinancialForce team was able to come up with a customized solution that helped seal the deal. Everything was built on the platform and interacts with everything else in SFDC. We can run some powerful reports since we run our entire business on the platform!####I think it's also worth mentioning that the support team is always helpful, quick to respond and easy to communicate with.####FinancialForce is still a relatively young company but they are moving quickly and it seems like they are on top of their road map and closing any minor gaps in their application.

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