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FinancialForce Accounting & Financial Management - Fall 2019

Starting at $420 USD per company per month Contact FinancialForce for full details



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Cloud Accounting Solution Built 100% Native on Salesforce

Streamline your opportunity to cash process, manage revenue precisely, and generate real-time financial analysis & audit trails with ease. FinancialForce cloud accounting software puts your core financial management functions all on Salesforce.

Review by Chris Garrett View All Reviews

Slowly transforming our business

Took a long time to get the implementation done due to many different reasons, however since we have had the system fully live, it's given us a whole lot more power than our previous on-premise solution.####Reporting is very powerful, although there are still many improvements which can be made with the system, but the system is growing and improvements are being made with each release which is good to see.####It's brilliant to have the opportunity all the way to the cash collection and financial reporting in one system. We are always looking to improve our efficiency and accuracy in our finance team, and just implementing FFA has given us the ability to concentrate on the finer details of our data, and understand more about the way the business is performing, rather than spending the majority of the time processing transactions.####Thanks for all the help we have received from FF too, as they're always there when we're struggling with something, even if they are stupid questions sometimes!####Chris

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Abby Jones
Nov 12, 2015 at 9:29 AM

Thanks for your review Chris. So glad to hear that FinancialForce is doing wonders for your organisation. Great to have good feedback on the Support team too, I will absolutely pass this on to them. And there's no such thing as a stupid question; we're here to help!