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TargetRecruit: Recruiting | Applicant Tracking | Vendor Management

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Human Resources
Software for staffing and recruiting firms built on Salesforce

TargetRecruit is a cloud-based Applicant Tracking Solution that is fully customizable and part of an ecosystem of integrated apps. From front office to back office, we have combined a powerful and flexible ATS with the world’s #1 CRM program.

  • Founded in 2008 by a talented team of Staffing Executives and IT professionals, TargetRecruit started with a mission to create technological advancements in the staffing industry.
  • The founder of TargetRecruit worked and lived this industry for years and was able to build an innovative, cloud-based system that is tailor-made to address the unique pain points of the staffing and recruitment industry.
  • Our Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) helps clients reduce their recruitment costs, generate a faster time-to-hire, decrease time-to-engage, enhance their workforce retention, and improve workforce compliance.
Applicant Tracking Software ##Find the right people and fill positions fast. Match any hiring volume, fill any niche. Our ATS speeds and streamlines talent acquisition, increasing your quality of hire while decreasing costs. ####Back Office##Stick to what you do best and leave the back office to us. Monitor, manage, and make decisions with a single solution. Timesheets? Got it. Invoicing? Check. Billing and payroll? Done. ####CRM##Customer Relationship Management is all about building better customer relationships. It’s sales, marketing, business development and more, all in one. CRM helps translate these different data streams into business success. ####Portals##Empower everyone who makes your business go. Custom portals increase satisfaction and retention because self-service is the new customer service. Allow candidates, employees, and vendors to access critical information in a secure environment and take action on their time.####Vendor Management Software##TargetRecruit is one platform that connects your talent and vendor worlds. Harness the power of automation and manage today’s flexible workforce across multiple channels.


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TargetRecruit Managed
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Avankia LLC
Nashville TN

We assist our clients to explore best practices and ways to solve their organization's unique challenges by leveraging our expertise in CRM and Technology Consulting for SaaS and Web applications. Our global delivery model and cohesive teams mean faster deployment cycles and customized solutions for each business need.####Products include ####TargetRecruit - ##DBSync -