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Expandable ERP Integration for Salesforce

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Deep ERP Integration for Salesforce

An Expandable ERP Integration for SalesforceCRM drives a much needed mid-market ERP solution to the front office sales force automation providing a corporation’s sales force with critical customer information all on the same CRM business application.

  • Expandable Bi-Directional Customer Master to Salesforce Account Master, Customer Activity & Sales History
  • Expandable Sales Order Master/Detail and Invoice Master/Detail made available through custom objects linked to end-customer accounts. Salesforce Products ad Price Book in lock step with Expandable ERP Sold Products and Price Lists.
  • Salesforce Certified Integration engine providing the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) functionality for the integration and scheduling data sync.
Most successful sales force automation implementations require up to date and complete information on customers served by a business’ back office systems. Not only is the information important but also the timely delivery of that information to account managers and sales services allowing the users to quickly address customer needs. Expandable ERP Integration brings critical back-office customer information to Salesforce CRM such that the data is directly at the finger tips of the sales team. Using the platform’s standard and custom objects all the power of the Salesforce CRM sales tools are available to report, view and bring together a complete view of customer’s business activity. Sales Orders, Invoices, Activity, Buying History and Customer synchronization of ERP data are brought in to the Salesforce CRM. Synchronization of Products sold and sales Price Lists are maintained for accurate opportunity generation and customer sales quoting aliened with the back office for sales order processing and order fulfillment. Integration insures accuracy of data, 360 views of customer activity and smooth order to cash flow for today’s modern businesses.
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For over 25 years, Expandable Software, Inc. has been helping manufacturing companies realize their growth potential by delivering a solid business foundation that is easy to use, inexpensive to deploy, and supports manufacturing operations growing all the way to the billion dollar mark. ####The Expandable ERP system is a complete enterprise-level software suite that delivers all the applications needed to maximize business performance by maintaining visibility and control of manufacturing operations. Expandable’s fully integrated accounting, engineering and manufacturing modules provide a solid back office foundation while its Salesforce CRM integration, e-business applications and supply chain functions deliver front office tools to manage business relationships and streamline transactions.####With its unique model of direct sales and support, Expandable implements its software using direct employees of the company who take personal responsibility for customer success. Expandable’s direct model minimizes implementation costs and gets customers up and running quickly. ####The Expandable system is deployed in the traditional on-site client/server environment or hosted SaaS model.