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in2clouds Predictive Sales Analytics




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Predictive analytics for forecasting and opportunity ranking

in2clouds Predictive Sales Analytics builds a predictive model based on your historical data. It uses this model to rank your opportunities based on their likelihood of closing and produce a quantitative sales forecast.

  • Predictive model ranks open opportunities
  • Ranking scores are updated weekly
  • Quantitative forecast predicts most likely revenue
in2clouds is a predictive analytics add-on for your Salesforce application. Each opportunity is ranked based on its probability of closing. Charts are provided to gain insight about the health of your sales pipeline, efficiency and effectiveness. Use these rankings to prioritize your sales efforts and increase your revenue. These rankings are also a great tool to help new sales staff get up to speed quickly. Full setup takes less than 10 minutes.####in2clouds is the only analytics application to reach the Forty Final## is TDWI Best Practices winner for Predictive Analytics in 2010##


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
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Safari 3.2 or higher, Firefox 3.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 7 or higher, all with Javascript enabled.

Support Support via twitter @in2clouds, IM (jabber) and email at support [at] in2clouds [dot] com

Additional Information

Package Name
Sales Analytics 2.0
Fall 2010 / 2.1.0
First Release
Latest Release


Charlotte NC

In2Clouds is an award winning provider of Cloud Analytics: hosted applications that analyze historical data and use advanced machine learning algorithms to predict future events. Our mission is to uncover the necessary insight to help companies increase revenue and operate more efficiently.