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AddressTools Premium: Global Address Validation and Standardization Suite

Starting at $810 USD per Org per year Use the "Get it now" button to install an obligation free 14 day trial! Pricing starts at $810 USD/year for an Org up to 50 seats, or $16.20/user/year. Refer to our pricing document for volume discounts, and postal address validation pricing.

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Data Cleansing
Address Validation, Standardization & Autocompletion Tools

Ensure consistent country & state entry with validation and an auto-complete pick-list. City and state auto-complete from US ZIP entry; single click country input; automate a sales territory field; customizable; support for all objects.

  • Do you need clean address data in your Salesforce® Org, along with the ability to allow your users to enter address data quickly and accurately?
  • AddressTools is a simple extension to the standard Salesforce interface which takes the worry out of bad address data by keeping all of your addresses validated and standardized.
  • AddressTools does not require you to make any changes to your Salesforce® objects, custom triggers or form edits. Full support is available plus walkthrough installation videos and detailed guides to assist you through the installation process.
✔ Auto-complete city and state fields from a US Zip-Code ##✔ Interactive street-level address validation, using global local postal authority data ##✔ Standardize your Country values as either the Full Country Name, ISO-2 or ISO-3 codes ##✔ Display the current time or UTC offset on any record, based on the address##✔ Alternative Country and State names for automatic standardization of common or non-standard values. Change “England” to “United Kingdom”, “Deutschland” to “Germany” and "مِصر" to Egypt. French, German, Spanish and Local values included.##✔ Store State Code vs Name on a per country basis. For example, store state codes for “United States” but full names for “Canada” records ##✔ Utilize our interactive batch address validation feature which searches existing records and provides new validated addresses ##✔ Support for Orgs with Salesforce® Country and State Pick Lists enabled##✔ Supports custom fields, objects, and Visualforce pages##✔ Lookup relationship support, allowing for easy auto-completed formula fields for location related data such as US County, Sales Territory, Time Zone, or Currency


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits
  • Supports orgs where Person Accounts is enabledPerson Accounts

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Other System Requirements
No additional system requirements. For configuration options please visit the AddressTools Administration tab after the package has been installed.


+44 (0) 118 321 7405

Additional Information

Package Name
AddressTools Premium v6.66 / 6.66.0
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Latest Release
Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

ProvenWorks is a software development consultancy based in the UK focusing on customisation and extension of Salesforce and Microsoft CRM. The ProvenWorks team have a background of working on large multinational CRM systems as well as building and integrating commercial marketing databases. Thus ProvenWorks are experts in ensuring high data quality capture and enforcement to facilitate efficient sales and marketing processes.

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