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AssetOptics CMMS/EAM - Facilities, Equipment & Fleet Maintenance for Salesforce

$85 USD per user per month $85 User/Month (Includes OEM Embedded Platform License)

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Assets, Preventive Maintenance, Work Orders, MRO Inventory & Purchasing

AssetOptics enables preventive maintenance scheduling, break-fix repair and MRO inventory management for facilities, equipment & fleet maintenance. Also used in field service & depot repair.####Click Get it Now for a Free Trial

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Outstanding Success with SaasMaint

Mike Edwards and the SaasMaint team are consumate professionals in Asset and Facilities Management as well as SalesForce Integration. Moreover, they understand business process modelling and the practice of Use Cases to derive organizational requirements.####We are a large non-profit that is migrating from an in-house system that was developed in the 1970's-80's. We needed to migrate our Asset management data; implement Facilities Management Work Orders; Fleet Management and all of the associated maintenance schedules for a 72,000 sq.ft. building.####WorldVenture is implementing SalesForce from "Wall to Wall" with everything from Facilities Management to Human Resources to Accounting. That means as a partner, SaasMaint, needed to work with other firms in order to take their Asset Management Depreciation Schedules and turn them in to an Accounting Seed Journal Entries for each period. Mike and his team were totally on board that integration is more than silo applications - it is the entire business process eco-system.####We recently worked with Mike to discuss suggestions on how to improve SaasMaint's inventory management module. We were pleased with the level of attention our requirements received and the proactive manner in which they were received and incorporated in to the base product for the benefit of all their customers. ####At WorldVenture, we are so excited with our SalesForce implementation beause we have chosen firms, like SaasMaint, that care about our success, that actually enjoy interacting with their clients and that learn new ways to adapt and expand their product offering based on how their customers actually use it. Those are the firms that we are selecting. Those are the firms that will ultimately be here long after the "big boys" have blown the advertising budget pushing cookie cutter one size fits all implementations with huge price tags. Arrrg. ####As VP of Finance and Administration, I'm thrilled with SaasMaint and their team!

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