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Nexternal eCommerce Connector




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eCommerce shopping cart account and opportunity plugin

eCommerce Connector is a free app that works with Nexternal's##eCommerce shopping cart software. Orders and customers from Nexternal are pulled into Salesforces' Opportunity/Account/Contact objects providing a holistic view of customer activity.

  • Nexternal’s eCommerce platform can be used to capture both business to consumer and business to business transactions.
  • Nexternal’s eCommerce shopping cart software is search engine friendly and offers a full suite of marketing tools including integration with social media channels.
  • All Order, Customer and Activity data is automatically pushed to providing your business a holistic view of your customer activity.
eCommerce Connector is a free application which pulls shipped orders with associated line items from Nexternal into as closed / won opportunities. Customers from Nexternal’s Software are pulled in and mapped to the Account and Contact objects. Commerce Connector enables users to view an Account and see all information pertaining to that account including order history.####About Nexternal####Nexternal Solutions provides web-based ecommerce software to consumer goods businesses including retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. The software can be used to sell directly to consumers (b2c) or to other businesses (b2b) and can differentiate between customer types. Many businesses use Nexternal’s software to capture both online and phone orders.


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Support Nexternal provides a help desk available to its clients 24/7. Phone support is available from 5:30 PST to 5:00 PST Monday through Friday. Nexternal does not charge extra for support. Nexternal uses multiple 24/7 services to monitor its network.

Additional Information

Package Name
Nexternal Commerce Connector
Winter 2012 (v392) / 1.392.0
First Release
Latest Release

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Nexternal Solutions
Carlsbad, CA, USA
(800) 914-6161

<p>Nexternal Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of web based e-commerce software. Founded in 1999, Nexternal's unique e-commerce system is used by hundreds of clients in many diverse industries. With locations in Carlsbad, CA and New Canaan, CT, Nexternal provides industry leading customer service.</p>