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BranchIt for Chatter


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Chatter collaboration & employee relationship management

BranchIt for Chatter provides automated updates on email interactions between co-workers and contacts. It enhances Chatter collaboration by allowing everyone in the organization to leverage co-workers' relationship with prospects, customers and partners.

  • <b>Feeds</b><br>Monitor the contacts and accounts that matter most to you in one spot. Expedite your sales cycle with timely feeds alerting you to colleagues who know the people you want to know.
  • <b>Notifications</b><br>Stay on top of things. Since you can’t stay logged in to BranchIt for Chatter around the clock, get notified by email when something important happens in your feed.
  • <b>Mobile</b><br>Ensure you never miss a critical update. Get plugged into your company’s relationships as they evolve, and stay productive, wherever you are.
BranchIt for Chatter is an application built for’s AppExchange that allows you to tap into the network of relationships held by employees across your company from within Salesforce CRM. So you can close more deals, faster! ####The following modules can be purchased as a suite or sold separately: ####<b>Leads Module</b>##Warm up your leads by discovering a relationship within your company that can help make an introduction.####<b>Contacts Module</b>##Find out if anyone in your company knows your hard-to-reach contacts. If multiple people do, find out whose connections are the strongest.####<b>Accounts Module</b>##Access company connections to your accounts directly from within your accounts tab. ####<b>Chatter Module</b>##Use the Chatter Module to receive feeds, status updates, comments, and notifications of important relationships on your computer or your mobile device. ####<b>List Builder Module</b>##Build your own lists based on the contacts your company already knows. We’ll ensure 100% of them have verified email addresses.####<b>Analytics Module</b>##Run real-time reports and dashboards for quicker decision making directly from


  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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866-WARM-LEADS (866-927-6532)

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Winter 2010 / 1.2.0
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Branchit Corp.
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
866-WARM-LEADS (866-927-6532)

BranchIt helps companies build relationship networks that can grow revenues and improve operational efficiencies. We do it by scanning correspondence patterns and corporate databases to find thousands of business connections, relationships, and prospects that you didn’t even know you had. And we do it with complete privacy and security—content discussed in correspondences is never scanned. Companies of all sizes and in all industries have integrated BranchIt into their operations.