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Volunteers for Salesforce




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Event Management
Volunteer management for your organization.

Volunteers for Salesforce helps manage your volunteer events and people. It manages volunteers, jobs, shifts, and hours, allowing you to track and report on all of the data as well as allow public signups via Sites pages on your website.

  • Manage volunteers and their volunteer hours
  • Manage volunteer jobs and optional shifts
  • Allow volunteer and job signup on your website
Volunteers for Salesforce provides tools for managing your organization's volunteering program. You are able to track who your volunteers are and the hours they have worked, all of your volunteer jobs, both ongoing, and for a specific event, and shifts for specific jobs. The app also provides several Sites pages that you can host in your website to allow people to tell you they want to be a volunteer, or to actually signup for a specific job (and shift).####This is open source software which means if you are so inclined you are welcome to get the source code on gitHub and make improvements yourself. Contributing back your improvements can result in the managed version being upgraded.####This application was created by David Habib of DJH Consulting, and offered free to all non profits. It is now managed by you to Wingu of Argentina for providing the Spanish translation. ##Gracias a Wingu de la Argentina para ofrecer la traducción al español. ####PLEASE REVIEW OUR SETUP & CONFIGURATION GUIDE FOR STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS and all the other resources at


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  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
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Other System Requirements
Requires Campaigns so Group edition is not supported. Requires Record Types so Professional is not supported. Please review the Setup & Configuration Guide for details on usage with the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Support Please take the Manage Volunteers for Nonprofits Trailhead, and read the User Guide, and the Setup and Configuration Guide on Further questions? Post in the Power of Us Hub.

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Package Name
Volunteers for Salesforce
V4S 3.93 / 3.93.0
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San Francisco, CA
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