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$450 USD per upto 3 users per year FREE 30-day trial Group Edition: $195/year for upto 3 users Pro & Enterprise Edition: $450/year for up to 3 users, $150/year/additional user Non-profits: $315/year for upto 3 users, $105/year/additional user Volume licensing available

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Multi-object reporting, cross-object searches, grid editing, import/update/export via CSV, calendar views, mass update/delete and more. Add-ons for document generation (Excel, Word, PDF), mail merge, and charting (dashboards, charts, pivot tables)

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Absolutely one of the best Apps for all kinds of data management and reporting!

As a consultant, it seems I eventually get around to recommending Apsona to every user I work with! It is at the top of my short list of favorite apps. Apsona makes all kinds management tasks easy and streamlined. I just wrote a whole blog post about my favorite ways to use Apsona: top it off their customer service is first-rate. Whenever I have had a problem with the app, it has been addressed and resolved within the day. Thanks, Apsona!

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Stephanie King
May 11, 2016 at 4:44 PM

Kathy -- As it relates to this particular app, note that they provide free licenses to nonprofits. As it relates to the NPSP, I'd encourage you to consider a different viewpoint: Every database system has pros and cons, things it includes and things it does not include. One of the huge advantages of salesforce, in my opinion, is that it is not a "closed" system where you get what you get and that's it. Through the appexchange, thousands of creative minds around the globe are able to design and contribute amazing add-on solutions. More than could ever be contained in one system. This allows you to use the ones that truly serve your business needs, and skip the things that don't apply to you. With that said, the NPSP is a pretty robust package, and it can do a lot! If you are not involved in a local user group, I'd highly recommend you get involved in one, as that is my favorite way that the salesforce community gets together and helps each other learn and use the tools to their full potential!

Alice Stelter
Jul 18, 2017 at 5:59 AM

All I want to do is be able to print address labels from my Contacts. I have been trying to figure out how to do this and it seems like this program is the only way?##I really don't want to pay $450 just for that. Any suggestions?

Shelley Wardwell
Jul 27, 2017 at 7:55 PM

Alice Stelter Use mail merge templates in Salesforce

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Data Management made easy!

Thank you Apsona. This app allows us to easily clean up, import, and manage our data efficiently and effectively.

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Where has Apsona been all my life!?

One other reviewer mentioned accidental admins--that's me 100%. Geeky enough to get it dropped in my lap, but not an expert. Came from a Raiser's Edge world, and found myself SO. FRUSTRATED. with reporting in SF. Apsona allows the kind of ad-hoc reporting I find indispensable, plus the mass updates that I need to do, merge for acknowledgment letters -- can't believe I functioned for 7 months without it. We are too big for donated licenses, but still operate on a (relative) shoestring. This is a must-have. I'm so glad I got approval to buy it.

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Jessica Sharley
Sep 20, 2018 at 5:54 PM

The more I use this product, the less I can believe I ever worked without it. Event management is a new world -- I do a fundraiser with 1,000+ guests and it's been impossible to manage in Salesforce until now. I'm quickly adding new contacts, adding them to campaigns (and now you can use lookup fields in the "Add to campaign" function!) with table captains, updating registrations. I'm still learning how much this app can do, and continue to be completely delighted.

If I had to pick a single App to keep, this would be the one

I use Apsona daily for any sort of bulk data management/updates, imports, and exports. It is fast, powerful, and easy to use.####On top of that, the support is first-class. I haven't needed it much, but any questions I do have are answered promptly and thoroughly.

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My go-to App

As a small business running on Salesforce, I am so grateful to have Apsona for Salesforce to help me with my data management. Whether I am loading a list of leads, adding contacts to a campaign, or updating records to reflect a new business process I am trying out, Apsona for Salesforce makes the work easier and helps me in my quest for a clean database. The mass-mail capabilities are also some of my favorite. ####As a support & training provider for small businesses and nonprofits, I recommend Apsona to every customer. It is easy to cost-justify even for the smallest team. I use Apsona for all of my data migrations and love to show my customers how to use Apsona for mailing-list clean-up and management. There are so many creative ways to use the product in the regular maintenance of a database. And with Apsona being inside Salesforce with an easy-to-master interface, even my least technical clients soon become fans.

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Apsona is extremely capable!

Some of my clients have very specific mail merge needs that span objects. Apsona's mail merge tool is extremely powerful and flexible. I've always been able to find a way to grab all of the fields I need for a seamless merge. And the flexibility with post merge activities, attachments, field updates, etc. is amazing. Clients save tons of time with the button inclusion on detail pages. I end up suggesting Apsona for almost every client that has merge needs. I would also like to point out that their support staff has always been extremely responsive to my questions and feature requests. Fast and thorough in their response. Their documentation online is very thorough as well! I can go on and on. Thanks Apsona!

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The app that made SF do everything I needed

I am very non-technical and, as one of just three employees at a small nonprofit, faced with managing our data and technology needs. This app helped me use Salesforce so much more fully and efficiently, filling in gaps between what our basic nonprofit starter pack could do and what we needed. The staff has also been very patient and friendly with all my questions, and the resources on their website have been very helpful.

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Not Just For Non-Profits

We switched to Apsona from a competitive product last year. Not only have we reduced cost by licensing only the users who need each feature, but we have also gained functionality. ####For data management and mail merge purposes, we love the ability to sort and filter by related objects. We use Document Merge for generating orders from Opportunities with Products, and my CFO is delighted to be able to generate Excel pivot reports in real-time with the click of a mouse. ####Our use case is a bit outside of Apsona’s typical customer profile, but between solid documentation and the support we’ve received from the Apsona team we have been able to accomplish everything we expected and more.

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Fantastic product our org could not live without!

I have been using Apsona, Multi-step Reporting, and Document and Mail Merge for well over a year now. The products allow our org to perform so many duties and saves us a ton of time. We can update thousands of records in seconds and it's so much simpler than using the Data Loader. The report building is much more robust than SF reports. One of the best products that they have to offer is the Document and Mail Merge. We generate dozens of documents, letters and emails every week that we either email directly to contacts or send at attachments. These documents and emails contain data from several SF objects and the data can be filtered as you are generating them. It's brilliant. On top of that, the support at Apsona is A+.

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Must have app, especially for accidental admins at non-profits

Our non-profit doesn't qualify for their free licenses (education/gov) - but yours probably does. Even so, Apsona is well worth the minimal cost for their licenses in the time and effort it will save you. Imports, exports and mass updates across objects are a bit tricky in general, but Apsona has good training videos and great support folks. If you are someone who is enough of a geek to have had NPSP drop in your lap, but not enough of one that you are an NPSP guru, try Apsona and see how it can help you do things more quickly and with much less effort.

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5 Stars all the way - saves our school countless hours!

Salesforce is a fantastic product for marketing, communication with clients, reports, etc. - there really is no better CRM solution. The challenge we all face is actually getting data INTO Salesforce from other sources and then using it for simple communication such as emails and letters.####Apsona is the absolute best add-on for Salesforce. It's almost as if I sat down and wrote Salesforce a letter telling them all of the things I'd like their software do and "poof" along came Apsona.####The importing and exporting features are unmatched. I have used every other solution for importing and nothing works as simplistically or straightforward as Apsona. ####Anyone who has every imported large amounts of data into Salesforce (or any other database for that matter) knows the pit-in-your-stomach feeling when you finally have the courage to click the submit button, worried that you are going to royally mess everything up and create more work for yourself to fix it. This doesn't happen with Apsona. You have to try it yourself to understand. There's no big build up and "Oh dear Lord, please work!" - it just works. I use it often with big and small amounts of data.####The mail and email merge solutions are ridiculously simple yet have advanced options as well. Our school uses them to send out account statements, donation letters and similar items.####I rarely use the expression "game changer" (it's overused) but here it is - Apsona is a game changer. It makes the great CRM Salesforce even greater. It will put a smile on your face and save you tons of time in long run.

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