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Install Dreamforce 2010's ChatterBINGO!

ChatterBINGO, the fun game that debuted at Dreamforce 2010, is now available for your company! ####This is an UNMANAGED package - see/customize the source code.

  • Install and customize Dreamforce 2010's ChatterBINGO!
  • Selects randomly from 24 of the users who follow you and whom you follow.
  • Render and print your BINGO card as a PDF for IRL play!
ChatterBINGO, the fun game that debuted at Dreamforce 2010, is now available for your company! ####ChatterBINGO is the first community-created conference app adopted by the conference organizer - thank you,!####ChatterBINGO will show a random selection of all users you follow and who follow you, including Salesforce, Platform, Chatter Free, and all other active users.####ChatterBINGO is an unmanaged package, allowing you to edit the source code and customize/personalize the app for your company.


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • View and edit this package’s code and metadataEditable Code

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Other System Requirements
Only requires that your org has enabled Chatter.

Support Support not provided

Support not provided

Additional Information

Package Name
Chatter BINGO (unmanaged)
Spring 2011 / 2.3.0
First Release
Latest Release
X-Squared On Demand
San Francisco, CA, US